Bus Cancellation Due to Bad Weather/Road Conditions

The safety of community members is always our first priority and especially so when weather and road conditions are less than ideal.  As such, we monitor road conditions and make recommendations to students and staff on traveling in these conditions.  We have identified our considerations, protocol, and procedures for dealing with adverse weater conditions in this memorandum.  Weather can be unpredictable and if we err, we intend to err on the side of safety.

Our leading indicators will be the weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service in St. Cloud and travel warnings issued by the State Patrol. Next, we will rely on the experience of our driving supervisors to determine when conditions are becoming unsafe and if, and when, we will discontinue busing service.  As much advance notice as possible will be given prior to shut down (ideally 1-2 hours).

Shutdown while classes are scheduled:

The Provost, Transportation Director (or his/her designee), CSB Security, and SJU Life Safety Departments will make the decision on whether or not driving conditions warrant a possible shut down.  Shut downs before classes begin need to be announced before 6:00 am.  The Transportation Director and/or CSB Security and SJU Life Safety Departments will make the appropriate phone calls, send mass emails, and voice mails, including last class and cancellations.

After hours (when classes are not scheduled):

The Transportation Director (or his/her designee), CSB Security and SJU Life Safety Departments will make the decision on whether or not driving conditions warrant a shut down.

The Transportation Department will:

  1. Contact CSB Security at #5000 and SJU Life Safety at #2144, to inform them of the last bus and expected time of resuming service.
  2. Before departing campus, announce on the bus P.A. when the last run will be from each campus.

CSB Security will:

  1. Contact CSB Athletic Director, Glen Werner at #5201. 
  2. Send a mass email to all students, faculty and staff at both campuses regarding shut down and restart.
  3. Send a mass voice mail (CSB) and Monastery.
  4. Post signs in the HCC and bus stop.
  5. Contact local businesses to inform our students of the bus cancellation (last bus).

SJU Life Safety will:

  1. Contact the front desk at Sexton at #3231, and have them broadcast this information on channel six (if the decision is made after hours).
  2. Post notices in all buildings and bus stops and inform staff/students in all classrooms, computer labs, and library.

Other (Media) Notification:


363-4060 (Recorded message)


WWJO (98.1)-St. Cloud
KMXK (94.9)-St. Cloud
KLZZ (103.7)-St. Cloud
KCLD (104.7)-St. Cloud
KZPK (98.9)-St. Cloud
KCML (99.9)-St. Cloud
KKSR (96.7)-Waite Park
KSJR (90.1)-Collegeville
KNSR (88.9)-Collegeville
KCFB (91.5)-St. Cloud
WVAL (800)-Sauk Rapids
WHMH (101.7)-Sauk Rapids


KASM (1150)-Albany
WCCO (830)-Minneapolis
WJON (1240)-St. Cloud
KNSI (1450)-St. Cloud


Blue Screen (Channel 6), CSB/SJU
KARE-TV (Channel 11), NBC
KSTP-TV (Channel 5), ABC
WCCO-TV (Channel 4), CBS
KMSP-TV, (Channel 9), UPN

Please note-attending work or class is an individual decision.