Severe Weather Information

In the event the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning, it will be necessary to move to a sheltered area.

Severe weather warnings will be communicated through local civil defense sirens and Bennie/Johnnie Alert messages. Be aware that messages can come at any time of day or night.

If you have questions, contact one of the information desks (see locations at right). During a severe weather warning contact Security or Life Safety only if you have an emergency.

In the event of severe weather

  • When a tornado or severe weather warning is issued, seek shelter immediately in the nearest building:
    • In interior hallways
    • In lower level of building (away from windows)
    • In bathrooms or interior rooms
  • Stay in the shelter until the weather warning has expired or someone from Campus Security or Life Safety notifies you that the weather warning has expired

Awareness is your best defense

  • Security and Life Safety will issue severe weather warnings based on information received from the National Weather Service and Stearns County Emergency Management
  • Do not rely solely on sirens as a form of notification. It is important that people follow all instructions via the radio or authorities during a severe weather warning and then be patient waiting for the warning to expire.
    • Keep your “eye on the sky”
    • Listen to AM Radio WJON 1240
    • Listen to FM Radio WWJO 98.1
    • Watch TV reports
    • Monitor radar maps and updates on severe weather on your computer and telephone (remember that some radar images can be up to 15 minutes old)
  • Be aware of the location of your shelter areas
  • If you hear civil defense sirens sounding, move to lower level areas of the building that you are in and stay clear of windows
  • Fire alarms will not be used to announce a severe weather warning
  • Respond to instructions provided by security officers