Bicycle Safety & Registration

Winter Bicycle Storage Options

The purpose of CSB's Bicycle Registration Program is to develop a database to assist in the effective and efficient management of bicycles used, parked and/or stored on campus. Although participation is strictly voluntary, bicycle owners are encouraged to take advantage of this service. The program is offered at no charge to any student, staff member or faculty member who wishes to register their bicycle.

The Bicycle Registration Program is designed to be a deterrent to bicycle theft and an aid to Security personnel when determining owner identification so that lost or recovered bicycles can be returned to their rightful owners. Regulations and safety tips covering the safe operation of bicycles are found in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 169.222, and on various traffic safety-related websites. Bicyclists are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe, courteous manner at all times while on campus - mindful of the rights of pedestrians and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

The Department of Security will treat the theft of bicycles as LARCENY/THEFT and will assist local law enforcement officials with the prosecution of persons responsible for commiting this crime to the fullest extent permitted by law.