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The College of Saint Benedict Department of Security operates to provide services and emergency response assistance to the College and Monastic communities. Success is dependent on a partnership between many college and Monastery departments. The fundamental mission of the Department of Security is to provide a safe and secure environment for the College and Monastic communities. The primary duties of the Security Officers are to deter, detect, and report incidents and threats to persons and property of the College of Saint Benedict and St. Benedict's Monastery.

This page is designed to provide the campus and Monastic communities with a working knowledge of the security services offered by our department. The department supports and promotes the RAD (Rape, Aggression, Defense) program which deals with safety for women on campus grounds as well as outside the property lines of the college. The department promotes the Campus Watch and Community Watch programs to educate and empower students, faculty and staff to become part of a community crime prevention initiative. It is our intention that these pages on the Web will provide information to those in our community who need it.

Purpose and Values

We recognize the uniqueness of our communities and we see our staff as a great asset. Recognition is given to both work and individual needs, by providing for personal and professional growth opportunities. Well-trained Officers can better serve the individual needs of those requesting our service while assuring them respect and privacy.

Service is the foundation of our Department. It is our mission to protect the people and the property of the College and Monastic communities by delivering dependable, quality service and by always acting professionally and with integrity.

The Department of Security serves all aspects of community life and strives to maintain a close and cooperative relationship with the Residential Life Staff. This is accomplished through constant communications, consistent updates, training and respect for each other's duties and accomplishments.

In carrying our out mission, Security Officers shall:

  • Protect human life.
  • Enforce the laws of the States, the policies and regulations of the College of Saint Benedict and the Department of Security.
  • Perform their duties with the highest ethical standards.
  • Pursue truth and justice with vigor.
  • Share responsibility with the community for improving the quality of life.
  • Seek excellence in each activity undertaken.
  • Base the mission of the Department on the foundations of Benedictine traditions and values and to elicit guidance from those traditions and values in the daily performance of our duties.

General Information

The CSB Security Office is located in Mary Commons. The department functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by dialing 5000 from any campus phone, or at 320-363-5000.

The department is staffed with a full-time director of security as well as seven full-time, two part-time officers, and approximately 15-20 student officers and office workers that are trained to do traffic, parking assistance, ticketing, patrol, building security and special events. The Department of Security derives proprietary powers from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint Benedict's Monastery,
the "owners" of all property.