ID Cards

All eligible card holders must obtain an identification card, also known as the Saints card, by having their picture taken at the CSB Security Office or by sending in a current photo, taken for this purpose, via the new student portal. In person, the process takes approximately 5 minutes. Once you obtain a card, no activation on your part is necessary. Your card expires only when you withdraw, graduate or leave the university.

The CSB Security Office or SJU Life Safety Office are responsible for issuing Saints cards. Students at the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University and Saint John’s Preparatory School can obtain their Saints card at the issuing office of their respective school. Faculty and staff should contact the issuing office of the campus where they are on the payroll to obtain their ID card.

Photos for Saints cards will be taken when the card is issued by the CSB Security Office or SJU Life Safety Office. The photograph is for identification purposes and baseball caps, bandanas, unnatural facial gestures, sunglasses, etc., are not allowed in photos.

Replacement cards are $25, which may be charged to the person’s account or paid by cash or check.

If your card is lost or stolen, please report it to CSB Security at 5000 to invalidate the use of that card. When a card is encoded with the cardholder’s ID number, there is a digit added to the end of the number. When a replacement card is made, that end number is changed. This makes the lost/stolen card permanently invalid. This feature eliminates the possibility of someone using a lost card for charging or meals.

CSB and SJU do not accept any responsibility for actions or consequences which take place as a result of misuse of your card, or the services accessed with the card, whether such action is by the actual cardholder or other persons. Misuse or attempted misuse of the Saints card will be handled by the institutions’ disciplinary process or referred to outside authority if the institution deems it necessary.

  1. The card may not be used by a person other than the person to whom it is issued.
  2. The person to whom it is issued may not lend it to any other person for any purpose.
  3. The card may only be used within its period of validity.
  4. The cardholder accepts responsibility for all library books and materials and other institutional property issued against the card and agrees to meet the terms and conditions applying to the issue of that property.
  5. The cardholder is responsible for all losses resulting from lost, stolen or misplaced cards.