What can you expect from CSB Security?

The CSB Security Office provides first response emergency support services until outside agency assistance is available from the St. Joseph Police Department, fire department or medical agencies.

Security officers carry two-way radios with an integrated phone patch. Anyone calling CSB Security at 5000 speaks directly with the security dispatcher or the officer on duty, wherever he or she may be on campus.

Support services include:

Event Planning

We would like to extend assistance to groups planning events on campus. Security officers are an excellent resource for groups planning events on campus. We can help with site planning, parking and traffic control as well as other special concerns.

Areas where we can be especially helpful include: medical stand-by, parking and traffic planning, building access and assistance in finding and contacting people.

Any groups planning large events are required to contact the CSB Director of Security at the CSB Security Office at least four weeks prior to an event. This advance notice allows the department to schedule officers and assist you with your security needs.

If you have questions about parking assistance and adequate parking availability for your event, please contact the CSB Security Office six weeks prior to the event.

Events that require outside security assets (i.e., off-duty security officers, St. Joseph Police, reserve officers or Stearns County deputies) or require and officer on site will be charged for the additional personnel.


The CSB Security Department can work with your group, department or organization to tailor an educational program to fit your needs. Please allow adequate advance notification to allow our officers to prepare a quality program. Topics may include: office safety, theft prevention, personal safety, non-violent crisis intervention techniques and/or sexual assault prevention.