Disturbances or Demonstrations

Unlawful Assemblies, Demonstrations and/or Riots.

Non-Violent Disruptive Demonstrations

  • The area of disturbance will be contained to as small an area as possible and a perimeter will be established by Security Officers.
  • Appropriate administrative personnel will be notified as directed by the ranking Security Officer.
  • The appropriate administrative personnel (the Director of Residential Life/Housing, the Dean of Students, the Vice President of Student Development) the Director of Security, and/or ranking Security Officer will attempt to make contact with a leader of the group and will attempt to reason with the group and request a dismissal.
  • If the demonstrators persist in the disruptive activity, they will be advised that failure to discontinue their actions in a specified amount of time will result in disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion and/or intervention by civil authorities. 
  • If necessary, the Saint Joseph Police Department, the Stearns County Sheriff's Department, and/or the Saint Joseph Fire Department will be called for assistance and arrests.  Upon arrival of the assisting agencies, the remaining demonstrators will be informed of the intention to arrest.
  • A Public Affairs Officer will be contacted as soon as possible in case of media involvement.

Violent, Disruptive Demonstrations

In the even that a violent demonstration in which injury to persons or property occurs or appears imminent, all of the above actions may be taken and the Director of Security, the Dean of Students, the Vice President of Student Development and the President will be notified.