Public Demonstrations

Institutional Policy on Public Demonstrations

To: Those who wish to stage a demonstration at the College of Saint Benedict
From:  Darren Swanson, Director of Security
Subject: Institutional Policies Concerning Demonstrations

You are welcome on our campus. Please be advised that no demonstrations will be permitted inside of campus buildings.

If you wish to conduct a demonstration, it must be done so in accordance with the following rules:

  • All demonstrations must be conducted outside of buildings, in a tasteful, respectful and safe manner in the areas determined by the Director of Security.
  • ONLY hand held signs will be permitted.
  • No amplified equipment will be permitted (e.g. megaphones, P.A. Systems, etc.)
  • Demonstrators must remove any litter that results from their activity.
  • No demonstrations may be commenced prior to date and time determined by the Director of Security.
  • See Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression Policy  and Freedom to Protest for complete a outline of the policy

Please remember you are a guest on our campus, which is private property, and we respectfully ask that you abide by these rules. Those who disregard this request will be considered trespassers and will be asked to leave. Those who refuse to leave will be arrested and removed from campus property.