Contact the CSB Security Department at 320-363-5000. Indicate that you have a guest and how long they will be staying on campus. Security office personnel will issue a “short-term” (temporary) parking permit with instructions to park in lots specifically set aside for guests.

Campus parking is clearly marked with signs. The Department of Security is also bound by State and Federal rules and regulations regarding parking. Fire lanes are designed by the State Fire Marshal and compliance with those regulations is State Law. Should a State Fire Marshal come to campus and note a failure to comply, the institution could be fined thousands of dollars until compliance is achieved. Specific reasons exist for the development of a successful parking program on our campus. We also ask that you pay particular attention to Monastery parking and respect their parking lots, guest spaces and the circle in front of the Gathering Place. These areas are clearly marked. We must work together to honor and respect each others space. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we invite you to e-mail them to the Department of Security.

Contact the CSB Security Department at 320-363-5000 to receive assistance. Or, go to the Security Office located in the first floor of Mary Hall Commons.

Your vehicle is registered in your name and is your responsibility. You are responsible for any tickets issued to your vehicle. If your friend is going to use your car, make sure that he/she knows where it is supposed to be parked. Since he/she used your car, you may feel that he/she should be responsible to reimburse you for the ticket. You may be right, but that is between you and your friend. The fine received for a parking violation will be billed to the Student Account of the individual who registered the vehicle.

Contact the CSB Security Department at 320-363-5000. If there is a special event at the Haehn Campus Center, the Benedicta Arts Center or the Gorecki Dining and Conference Center we may have had to direct visitors to available parking. We can let you know when the event is scheduled to end. Until that time, we will direct you to park in an open area and we will provide an escort for you to your residence. After the event, it will be necessary for you to move your car to the proper lot. Both CSB and SJU promote public events inviting guests outside of our communities. Some of these guests are parents or grandparents of current or future students or alumnus/alumna of SJU or CSB. Because parking space ordinarily is limited, sometimes there is a need to temporarily relocate your vehicle to accommodate guests and visitors. In all cases, we are grateful that you are a cooperative member of this community.

We can accommodate you for a short period of time in order to resolve your issue when we know that you are experiencing difficulties. If your car needs a jump start or you need other assistance, please contact us at 320-363-5000.

This is partly due to bookkeeping and to keep track of who is coming and going throughout the year. Things change, and your student status may change. Upon notice/request you will be reimbursed for any unused portion of an annual permit.

We understand that there will be times that you will only have a car on campus for a short period of time. You can purchase a Short-Term (temporary) parking permit for any period of time at a cost of $1 per day.

Employees (faculty and staff) are allowed to park in any designated EMPLOYEE parking lot. If your “normal” lot is full, you may park in any other designated employee lot. Parking in handicapped spaces, designated STUDENT parking lots, along the curb at roadside, on sidewalks, or in traffic “aisles” is prohibited. If you have large bundles of books or other materials, call Security at 363-5000 and we will assist you.