On-line Training Access

PART 1 (on-line "Decision Driving" course)

Full-time/part-time employees (not student employees) of the College of Saint Benedict and St. John's University are already registered in OTIS (On-line Training Information System) and simply need to login to OTIS via the Environmental Health & Safety webpage (under "Training") using their complete e-mail address and the default password "654321". The "Decision Driving" course is automatically included in every user's training account.

CSB/SJU students (including student employees) must be manually registered to be able to complete the on-line "Decision Driving" course (PART 1 of the Defensive Driving program). Please complete this brief form and <SUBMIT> it to provide information required for registration purposes.

(no nicknames please)

(your CSB/SJU e-mail address)
Be sure to also complete PART 2 of the process at your earliest convenience. Part 2 consists of a review of CSB/SJU Transportation policies followed by a brief quiz. You must successfully complete both parts of the program and sign the appropriate release of information form (CSB or SJU) to become Defensive Driving certified.

The signed release of information form authorizes us to conduct a driver license check of your driving record.