Official CSB/SJU Campus Action

Investigating Departments: Every complaint of sexual violence will be investigated by one of the following departments:

CSB Security                                        5000

SJU Life Safety                                      2144

Human Rights Officer Students                CSB 5601
                                                         SJU 3171

Human Rights Officer Faculty/Staff           3340

What can you expect?  The investigation may include (but is not limited to) conversations with the complainant and the accused, or an investigation through the appropriate CSB/SJU processes. You will discuss the options with the investigating officer.

CSB/SJU Joint Sexual Assault Policy:

policy statement   rights of the parties

responsibilities      the law

to whom it applies protection from retaliation

confidentiality       sanctions

definition of terms

reporting and complaint procedure

discipline for malicious false reporting

CSB/SJU Sexual Assault Information Packet

  CSB/SJU Joint Sexual Assault Policy

  CSB/SJU letter from dean of students

  Education pamphlets

Office of Crime Victims Ombudsman Statewide Crime Victim investigations, complaints and referrals

Dating information

Faculty and staff: Faculty and staff can listen, explain the process and offer support. However, for the safety of our campus communities and required by law they are obligated to report allegations of sexual violence to one of the investigating officers. Security is obligated to file a campus crime report.