Violent Intruder


  • If there is an escape path, attempt to evacuate
  • Evacuate whether others agree to or not
  • Leave your belongings behind
  • Help others escape if possible
  • Prevent others from entering the area


  • Lock and/or barricade the door
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Hide behind large objects
  • Remain very quiet
  • Your hiding place should:
    • Be out of the shooter’s view
    • Provide protection if shots are fired in your direction
    • Not trap or restrict your options for movement


  • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter
  • Act with physical aggression
  • Improvise weapons
  • Commit to your actions

CALL 911 when it is safe to do so. You can also text 911 if you are unable to make a voice call. 


  • Remain calm and follow instructions
  • Keep your hands visible at all times
  • Avoid pointing or yelling
  • Know that help for the injured is on its way