Campus Vehicle Rentals

The College of Saint Benedict maintains a small fleet of vehicles that may be rented by CSB/SJU campus departments, clubs and organizations for legitimate, college-based purposes. 

  • Campus-owned vehicles may NOT be rented for personal use (going shopping, sightseeing, attending sports, recreational or social events).  However, CSB students are authorized to rent a campus-owned vehicle for MEDICAL purposes (e.g. to attend a doctor's appointment).  Vehicle reservations may be made through use of the on-line form below.
  • Due to demand, campus-owned vehicles may NOT be rented to drive to MSP airport, park for an extended period of time to then return to campus.  Drivers will need to find other means to get to the airport and back to campus.    

Who may rent a vehicle:

Any CSB/SJU student, faculty member, or college employee may request to reserve a campus-owned vehicle on behalf of his/her department or organization.  However, authorization from the requestor's department head or organization chairperson is required to complete the process.  This requirement does not apply to medical reservations made by CSB students.  Due to demand, CSB vehicles are not available to SJU Prep School or the School of Theology.

Clubs and rental vehicles:

School sponsored clubs can use campus vehicles, but must first obtain authorization from the Student Activities Office.  Vehicle rental authorization request forms for club use are found here: Club Forms.

Sports clubs must obtain authorization from their respective Campus Recreation Office. 

Qualified drivers:

Persons operating campus-owned vehicles must first have completed the CSB/SJU Defensive Driving Program and must have signed the appropriate release of information form on his/her campus to allow a driver license check to be conducted.  This requirement does not apply to infrequent medical reservations.

Payment methods:

In most cases, vehicle rentals are billed to the sponsoring department or campus organization on a monthly basis using the budget number that is provided.

A flat fee of $20, payable in advance, is charged for MEDICAL reservations.  After you receive confirmation that a vehicle has been reserved for you for medical purposes, you may then:

  • Pay the fee when picking the keys up for your vehicle (cash or check), or
  • Pay the fee in advance using your credit card. However, do not pay this fee by credit card until you have received a reservation confirmation number from CSB Security.

Vehicle rental fees:

  • 5 Person Car (Driver and 4 Passengers): $0.50 per mile OR $20 per day minimum rental fee 
  • 7 Person Mini-van (Driver and 6 Passengers): $0.70 per mile OR $30 per day minimum rental fee
  • 12 Person Mini-bus (Driver and 11 Passengers): $0.80 per mile OR $45 per day minimum rental fee

Minimum vehicle rental fee will be applied, if mileage does not exceed minimum charge.

For your CSB/SJU department, or organization:

CSB students ONLY: