Crime Prevention and Reporting

Because the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University operate in close collaboration and the fact that persons from either institution may teach, study, work or socialize on both campuses, the two colleges cooperate in establishing and enforcing policies and procedures for security. The shared philosophy to take proactive roles to reduce the opportunities for criminal activity results in programs which attempt to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities while at the same time encourage students and employees to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. Individuals are urged to act responsibly and to take sensible precautions to protect themselves and their possessions. CSB and SJU have also developed comprehensive plans for collaborative  management of crisis situations.

Students, employees and guests of CSB and SJU are encouraged to report all criminal activity and other emergencies to campus security. CSB Department of Security and SJU Department of Life Safety are the security offices to which all criminal reports are to be processed. Security officers will request assistance from law enforcement, rescue, fire and ambulance as appropriate. CSB and SJU reported crime documentation is forwarded to local law enforcement officials for follow up investigations and victims assistance. Members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to adhere to all local, state and federal laws and college rules of conduct. Members of the campus community violating laws or college/university policies are referred into the campus judicial system for appropriate action.

Institutional policies are published in the CSB Every Woman’s Guide and the SJU J-Book. Both student handbooks are electronically published on the home Web sites ( and include disciplinary policies and rules for their enforcement. An annual review and update serves to inform students of any changes in policies (e.g., resident agreement, alcohol, visitation, sexual harassment, parking violations, etc.) as well as college services (e.g. counseling, health advocates, food service, bus service, etc.) Employees receive institutional policies published in hard copy Faculty Handbooks and Staff Handbooks. In addition, the CSB/SJU Joint Human Rights Policies and Procedures, dealing with issues of human rights, sexual harassment and sexual assault, are distributed to each student and employee by the Human Rights Officer.