Crime Awareness/ Alerts

CSB and SJU use a variety of programs and procedures to alert campus residents, commuter students, employees and campus guests to potential dangers of living/working in a campus, or any, human community. These programs are developed jointly and presented in collaboration between CSB and SJU. Some CSB/SJU specific campus security/personal safety/health education programs are:

1. Programs:

        Escort service — 24 hours daily

       Campus safety walk

       Rape Aggression Defense course

       Student Advocates Against Sexual Violence

       Security Ride Along 

       Residence hall floor meetings

       Prep School residence hall floor meetings

       Student orientation


       Lifestyle fitness classes

       Campus and Community Watch

       Security tips bookmarks, brochures, other items

       Security Insurance of Deficiency Notices for Academic Buildings

       Presentations — faculty meetings, residence hall
         meetings, staff meetings   

       Health Adocate Program- Lollanobooza

        Safety Week 

       MADD presentations

       Special event planning guide

       Parking Appeals and Traffic Advisory Committee

2. Crime Alerts: When the CSB Department of Security and/or SJU Department of Life Safety identifies a crisis situation and/or receives a formal security report indicating a violent crime has occurred on or near their campuses and there is a reasonable potential that the situation presents a threat to students, employees or guests, “security alerts” will be prepared and posted in campus public areas in a timely manner. The bulletins posted at both campuses provide public information about the crime, along with prevention awareness information. 

3. Publications:This brochure is published on-line at:  x9144.xml and gives statistical summariesof criminal and security activity incidents as prepared by the CSB director of security and the SJU director of life safety. (These statistics may or may not contain local law enforcement statistics depending upon information available from those agencies at the time of Web site update.)

4. Annual Report: A comprehensive CSB/SJU annual report of crime-related statistical data is compiled, published and distributed in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The CSB director of security and the SJU director of life safety include local law enforcement statistics in the annual report.