Contact SJU Life Safety to Request

  • Escort Service
  • Information
  • Parking/Traffic Bureau Information
  • General Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Report suspicious behaviors/circumstances
  • Report a Crime

Emergency fire/medical/crime:

SJU Department of Life Safety - 911

SJU Department of Life Safety - 2144

Stearns County Sheriff - 251-4240

SJU Campus Emergency Phone Locations:

SJU Blue light emergency phones with direct connections to the Life Safety Services are located in strategic places on the campus grounds:

  1. Entrance to Science Parking lot 1
  2. Entrance to Science Parking lot 2
  3. Between Mary and the Flagpole parking lots
  4. North end of Flynntown lot
  5. North side of Stephen B. Humphrey Theater Auditorium
  6. South end of Emmaus Hall
  7. Prep School parking lot
  8. North side of Metten Court
  9. Student beach
  10. Fruit Farm Rd. and County Rd. 159
  11. Palaestra lot
  12. Entrance to Watab lot
  13. East side of St. Patrick Hall
  14. St. Thomas Hall service drive
  15. Mall on east side of Guild Hall
  16. Liturgical Press log
  17. South side of McNeelly Spectrum
  18. Intramural field
  19. South side of Prep School walking path