Contact CSB Security to Request

  • Escort Service
  • Information
  • Parking/Traffic Bureau Information
  • General Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Report suspicious behaviors/circumstances
  • Report a Crime

Emergency fire/medical/crime:

CSB Department of Security - 5000

Stearns County Sheriff/St. Joseph Police - 9-911

CSB Campus Emergency Phone Locations:

CSB Blue Light emergency phones with direct connections to security are located in strategic places in the campus parking lots:

  1. At the entrance to Lot 4
  2. North and South sections of Lot 5
  3. Lot 6 — NE corner of Claire Lynch
  4. West end of Lot 11
  5. Library road
  6. Lot 14

Residence hall card access entries also have regular phones for access to security. West Apartments have a courtyard/pole phone for access to security.