Campus Facility Access

All CSB and SJU academic facilities are locked except for normal business hours and authorized events. CSB and SJU have a keying system in place that exceeds industry standards. All keys are controlled according to the Lock/Key Policy. All students living on CSB/SJU campuses are given crime awareness and prevention information at the beginning of each school year. Residence hall meetings are the prime setting to share information with students and listen to their concerns. Students are instructed to keep their living quarters locked to protect themselves and their possessions. Verbal communications as well as printed materials in the form of brochures and posters are distributed.

CSB residential buildings are locked 24 hours daily. Resident students must utilize an electronic card access system for exterior doors/access into their resident building. Residents must escort their guests during visiting hours. Residents have the responsibility not only for their personal safety but also for the safety of other members of their community. The effectiveness of the external electronic locking and internal single room key systems are dependent upon residents not holding exterior doors open and immediately reporting lost/stolen access cards and single room keys to the Department of Security and the resident hall staff.

SJU resident buildings have an exterior open door policy for some residence halls that have not been converted to card access yet. The majority of campus residence halls have exterior card access system installed.  Residents are encouraged to escort their guests during visiting hours. Additional security measures are in place during semester breaks.