Roommate Questionnaire

In order to find a suitable living situation for each individual student, as well as the women already in an apartment or room, we ask that you fill out the attached questionnaire. Please discuss all of the options with all members of your living group. This allows us to have a general idea of how you and any roommates you may have in your apartment/room/suite deal with conflicts and the daily habit of your group. If you have multiple roommates please complete one questionnaire together answered from a group’s perspective. It is understandable that an apartment/room/suite with three or more women can be a home to a variety of lifestyles and habits, but our interest lies in getting a feel of the general manner in which your group interacts.

Please complete the attached questionnaire as soon as possible as a living group. We appreciate your willingness to help make this process run smoothly and thank you for your time.

Should you have any questions regarding the status of your housing or progress on assigning a roommate(s), please visit with your Residence Director or feel free to contact the Residential Life Office at 320-363-5580.

What is your situation?