About Us

Residential Life Vision
In the belief that community living enhances individual development, Residential Life has designed a four year residential living experience that empowers our residents to develop as confident women, leaders, and citizens of the world. This is achieved through an intentional cohort model for housing, grounded in Catholic and Benedictine traditions, which supports women's holistic development. The residential learning environment offers unparalleled opportunities for women's leadership and identity development in support of academic, personal, spiritual and professional growth. This experience facilitates the integration of the individual to the campus community and challenges students not only to live with but to learn from their peers through the exchange of ideas.

Mission Statement
CSB Residential Life supports the academic and social growth of women through the experience of community living by providing intentional opportunities for the development of; a meaningful life purpose, leadership that benefits the common good and respect that values all persons.

Learning Outcomes
Student learning extends beyond the classroom and residents benefit most from their college experience by engaging in the community and connecting with other students and individuals. The specific learning outcomes of the Residential Curriculum are grounded in the institutional mission and the student development learning outcomes. As reflected in our mission, students who engage in the four year residential experience will develop competencies in the following areas:

Leadership for the Common Good, women at CSB will recognize their abilities and have confidence in their individual and collective power to contribute to their communities as agents for change. Women's leadership directly impacts residential communities through stewardship, respect for self and others, and an increasing understanding of one's own identity. Women's capacities for leadership will evolve through exploration and development of their strengths and talents in the context of community living.

CSB Women will:

- Understand that membership in a community includes accountability to the community.
- Contribute to the sustainability of the community through active participation and establishing positive relationships with others.
- Think critically about cultural, social, and intellectual issues and engage in dialogue about those topics in a way that enriches the understanding and practice of leadership.

Respect for All Persons, respect is demonstrated through the awareness of self, the appreciation of others within the community, and acknowledgement of institutional values and expectations. Women at CSB will construct and solidify their identity by examining their own values, beliefs, and goals. Through this self-discovery process they will learn about the values, beliefs, goals, needs and the expectations of other students as well as those of the larger community.

CSB Women will:

- Develop a positive sense of self that integrates all aspects of identity.
- Define their personal values and recognize how those values inform their decisions.
- Understand the impact their decisions have on the mutual rights of community members.

Developing a Meaningful Life Purpose, developing a meaningful and purposeful life means that one must recognize how one's own unique skills, talents and abilities interact with the rest of the world. Women at CSB will construct a firm foundation upon which to build their identity and purpose through learning to practice balance in physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental health from which they can positively impact the world.

CSB Women will:

- Explore their skills and talents through academic exploration and vocational discernment.
- Understand and be able to articulate the role of faith in their own life.
- Join their individual skills and talents to those of the larger community to impact the common good.