Proxy Information

If you or the person with the best time in your living group is not able to access a computer are unable to select housing at your groups best selection time, you can appoint a proxy to log in for you! 

The proxy can be any CSB student you designate to act on your behalf, it can be someone you plan to live with or just someone you trust who is able to select on your behalf at the designated date and time.

The proxy logs in like normal to their profile in the Housing Portal. Once there they will click on a link "act as proxy for Jane Doe" then they will basically be in Jane's profile acting on Jane's behalf. See the  Room Selection - Proxy Tutorial  for pictures of what you should expect to see when setting up a proxy, when accepting to be someone's proxy and when acting as the proxy on someone's behalf. You can also change your proxy if needed at any time. 

In order for your proxy to select housing for you at room selection in April you will need to complete the Designate/Change/Remove Proxy for Room Selection form in advance of your selection time, by visiting the CSB Housing Portal.


What is a proxy?

An authorization giving another student the ability to pick housing for you in your absence.

Why would I need a proxy?

You are in class, at sports practice, or otherwise can't get to a computer to pick a room during your pre-determined room selection time.

Do I need a proxy if I have a roommate?

Depends. If the roommate with the best time can participate, they can choose housing and bring their requested roommate(s), into the selected room/apartment. If the person with the best time is not available to access a computer and pick housing, then a proxy is needed.