Request for Cancellation of CSB Campus Housing Agreement

Graduating? Going Abroad? Withdrawing/Transferring?

Occasionally there are situations and circumstances that may cause a student to request cancellation of their CSB Campus Housing Agreement. It is important for students who are seeking to cancel their Campus Housing Agreement to familiarize themselves with the policy and the terms of the housing agreement. Students who cancel their Campus Housing Agreement may have a financial penalty. Please read through all the information below and contact Residential Life if you have any questions.

The following are excerpts from CSB Campus Housing Agreement. Complete copies of the Agreement are available online at



This Agreement is binding for the entire academic year (Fall Semester through Spring Semester) or that portion of the academic year remaining at the time of initial occupancy. This agreement cannot be terminated or canceled except under conditions listed under Section 12, Agreement Termination or Section 14, Agreement Cancellation.


Agreement Cancelation:

This Agreement obligates the resident for the entire academic year for on-campus housing and if applicable meal plan. Residents requesting to cancel their Agreement must complete a Petition for Agreement Release Form and submit it to the Residential Life Office. The Housing Appeal Committee will review each request and determine if a release from the Agreement is to be granted. Release from the Agreement, if granted, will result in the agreement cancellation charges as described below.


Mid-Year Cancellation of Campus Housing Agreement: Residents may cancel their Agreement for Spring Semester if the cancellation request is for one of the following reasons (a) graduation, (b) study abroad, (c) marriage, (d) leave of absence or withdrawal from college, or (e) student teaching or internship located more than 30 miles from campus. Residents requesting a cancellation of Agreement must submit a Petition for Agreement Release. Documentation verifying the reason for cancellation will be required. Cancellation charges will be assessed according to the date the petition is received by the Residential Life Office. Charges for cancellation of the Agreement will be assessed as follows:


Date Petition Received/Cancellation Fees:

On or before Nov. 1.......................$0

Nov. 2 - Dec. 1...............................$100

Dec. 2 - Jan. 1................................$200

Jan. 2 - before 1st day of class.......$300

On or after 1st day of class............Full contract amount


Additional Cancellation Information:

1. Residents whose Agreement cancellation requests are not approved or who submit false information on their petition will be required to fulfill all terms and conditions of the contract. Residents submitting false information may also be subject to additional disciplinary action by CSB.

2. Residents dismissed from CSB for academic reasons will not be charged for an Agreement cancellation fee.

3. Releases are not given for roommate, community, or food service concerns.