Request for Cancellation of CSB Campus Housing Agreement

Please Note: Petitions for Agreement Release are due on November 1. If you are cancelling your housing after the November 1st deadline please read the information below regarding cancellation fees.

Excerpt from the Campus Housing Agreement:

C. Mid-Year Cancellation of Campus Housing Agreement: Resident students may cancel their Agreement for Spring Semester if the cancellation request is for one of the following reasons (a) graduation, (b) study abroad, (c) marriage, (d) leave of absence or withdrawal from college, or (e) student teaching or internship located more than 30 miles from campus. Residents requesting a cancellation of Agreement must submit a Petition for Agreement Release. Documentation verifying the reason for cancellation will be required. Cancellation charges will be assessed according to the date the petition is received by the Residential Life Office. Charges for cancellation of the Agreement will be assessed as follows:

Date Petition Received Cancellation Fees

On or before November 1                         $0

November 2 - December 1                        $100

December 2 - January 1                           $200

January 2 - before 1st day of class          $300

On or after 1st day of class                      Full Contract Amount


*Please note if you are petitioning for agreement release for any reason other than the approved reasons listed in SECTION C. MIDYEAR CANCELLATIONS of the CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT you need to complete a different form! You will be required to appeal your housing contract through Housing Appeals Committee; there is no guarantee of release from the contract.  Those not approved will be held to the terms of the housing contract.