Welcome to the College of Saint Benedict!

Information for Prospective Students, First Year Students and Transfer Students

This is an exciting time as you prepare for your move to CSB. The Saint Ben's community prides itself on extending hospitality to all and the Residential Life Staff is ready to help you make CSB your new home away from home.

As a Four-Year Residential College, all students are required to live on campus. Once you make the decision to attend CSB and have paid your enrollment fee, you will need to complete several forms found on the Forms Portal. The form that we will be looking for in relation to your campus housing is the CSB Housing Questionnaire. Please be sure to complete this form and all other forms in the portal to prepare for a smooth transition to campus.

The information you provide will be used to make compatible roommate assignments based on lifestyle preferences. Please make sure that you fill out your form completely and honestly as this will affect your roommate placement. Although your parents may be tempted to fill out this form, it is very important that it is completed by the incoming student as accurately as possible. There are single rooms, double rooms and quad rooms on our campus. While the majority of our housing is comprised of double rooms, you may be assigned to any of these room types as a new student.

If you are entering CSB this coming fall semester, you will be notified via your campus email when your housing assignment is ready for viewing, roommate information will be available on the CSB Housing Portal. You will then be able to contact your roommate and begin making plans for living together. In addition, move-in information will be sent to you prior to your arrival on campus.

Please keep in mind, that while we work on pairing roommates as forms are received, we do not finalize roommate or room assignments until mid-July.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call the Department of Residential Life and Housing office at (320) 363-5580.

With warm regards,

Mary Beth Thompson
Director of Housing