Spring Move-In Information

Arriving at CSB for your first year!


A warm welcome to you from the Residential Life staff at the College of Saint Benedict! We are looking forward to your arrival on campus this spring. The sense of community you will experience at St. Ben's, especially in the residence halls, will encourage you to reach your potential in many areas of life. Living in a community that cares about each individual and encourages personal growth is a part of what makes life at St. Ben's unique and wonderful.

The residence halls at CSB officially open for the Spring 2020 semester on Saturday, January 11th for newly enrolled students. Orientation will begin in the afternoon of January 12th.

The first day of classes begin on Monday, January 13, 2020.

When you arrive on campus, please go to Mary Commons. Once inside, please go to the Information Desk to get your room key. The Residential Life Staff will greet you and assist you with the check-in process! The staff can also direct you to your residence hall. There are many parking lots on campus, and there will be one near your hall that you may park in to unload and move in your belongings.

The Move-In Newsletter will provide arrival information and address many of the questions you might have regarding move in day. Some of these questions include: "When can I move in?"  "Where do I get my keys once I am here?" "What if I need to arrive earlier than the scheduled move in day?"    

As you move into your room, meet your roommate, and get settled, there are some other things you will also want to do including:

  • Buying books at CSB Bookstore (if not ordered on-line)
  • Buying books at SJU Bookstore (if not ordered on-line)
  • Purchasing parking permit for vehicle (if you will have a car on-campus)
  • Get Saints ID card (if this was not done prior to check-in)

If you need to arrive before January 12th, please email your request with an explanation to the address below:

This request must be received in the Residential Life office NO LATER than January 2nd, 2020. We cannot make any additional early arrival arrangements after that date. You will receive a reply to your message letting you know the status of your request and appropriate check-in details.