Bedloft Information

2024-2025 Prices

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bed loft

Loft Rental with shelf: $180.00/yearDelivered and assembled in your room before move in day.Specifically designed for the College of Saint Benedict residence halls.Includes a bedside shelf.Simple and affordable way to create space in your room, making you feel right at home.Note: Ladders can be purchased separately.

Refrigerator full of food

Refrigerator/Freezer Rental: $149.99/year2.9 cubic foot unitThe Fridge/Freezer is a convenient option for students who want a refrigerator and full freezer in their residence hall room without moving one from home.Compact, yet spacious, allowing you to have plenty of room to store your favorite food and beverages.

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If you have questions regarding Bedloft procedures, consult the FAQ’s page.

Specific Lofting Instructions

Please read below for residential hall floor plan irregularities that may affect loft placement before ordering.

First Year Halls:

Most rooms in Corona, Regina and Aurora can accommodate two lofts. Most often two lofts will need to be set up in an “L” shape configuration, though in triple rooms or Aurora Type B doubles you may have other options as well.


West Apartments:

The bedrooms of Gable, Girgen, Smith, Schumacher, Sohler, and WestKaemper provide enough space to loft only one bed. It is not possible to loft both beds without blocking the closet doors. It is possible to loft both beds in the Dominica rooms.