Health and Wellness Community

What is it?

The Health and Wellness communities are substance free communities that are made up of women who focus on creating holistic and healthy lifestyles.  Communities exist in first year halls, upper-class residence halls and in the campus apartments, being part of these communities creates supportive and exciting relationships for Bennies to delve into all aspects of wellness such as intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social wellness.  Together we believe in friendships, fun, healthy choices, support, love, and growth!  

What will we do?

The RA/CAs (with the input of the community members) plan many events and activities throughout the year to pull the community together, have fun and grow in your understanding of wellness and healthy choices! These activities include floor events, combined community events, casual hangouts, a mentorship program, a retreat, and more! View past events hosted by Health and Wellness Community. Although attendance at these events is not required to be in the community, they are a ton of fun and you’ll probably find yourself at several throughout the year!

Members of the Health and Wellness communities tell us that they have made friendships that last throughout their years at CSB (and beyond). Many live together all four years and stay in touch after they graduate. If you would like to talk to any of the current first year members about their experience and some of their favorite parts about the community, we can get you in touch with them. 

How do I apply?

The women living in the first year area are placed together by residential life. If you have not already indicated an interest in this awesome opportunity on your housing form, just go to the housing portal and update your Housing Application or email us at [email protected]! In your sophomore, junior and senior years, community members apply for an intentional living community through the room selection process.