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Residential Policies, Information and Services

Open House Hours

As a residential community we are concerned with the comfort and safety needs of each person. The need for privacy, safety and comfort in community living must be balanced with the desire to be social and hospitable. We encourage open and respectful communication between roommates and apartment living groups concerning guests. Male guests may visit residence halls and residence hall rooms in the lower levels of West Apartments (Smith, Sohler and Schumacher) during open house hours. At no time are male guests permitted to stay overnight in any campus residence hall, apartment, or house. All on-campus residents and male guests are expected to abide by the following open house hours:

Residence Halls and residence hall rooms in the lower levels of West Apartments:

Sunday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-midnight. SJU students have card access from 9 a.m.-12 a.m.
Friday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-2 a.m. SJU students have card access from 9 a.m.-2 a.m.

Apartments and Houses:

Open house hours in the apartments are determined by individual apartment and house living groups. Hours are established based on consent between all roommates. At no time are male guests permitted to stay overnight in any campus apartment or house. SJU students have card access to the CSB campus apartments as noted above.

Guests whose behavior is disruptive to the community will be asked to leave.


Parking permits can be purchased at the Department of Security (located in Mary Commons). Students needing a temporary parking permit should contact Security. Refer to the Department of Security’s Parking and Traffic Management Information found Please respect the designated parking for college employees, service vehicles, and handicapped individuals.

Personal Safety

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for maintaining a safe environment:

  • Close and lock windows when not in your living space.
  • Lock your doors and carry your keys at all times.
  • If you find an exterior door propped open, secure it immediately.
  • Do not allow suspicious persons into the buildings or commons areas.
  • Contact staff or security if you see a suspicious person.
  • Utilize well-lit walkways at night (walk in groups whenever possible).
  • Call security at ext. 5000 for an escort when walking (phones available in parking lots).
  • Do not share or publish personal information.

Pet Policy

The only pets allowed in campus residence halls/apartments/houses are fish within a tank no larger than 10 gallons. Should an unauthorized animal be found, the animal must be removed immediately. A minimum $50 charge to steam clean the room will be applied to the student’s account. Additional charges for damages or cleaning may also apply.  Please also see Animals.

Postings in Residential Areas

Public Areas (includes bulletin boards, stairwells, hallways, common spaces, etc.) 

Any on-campus or off-campus organization wishing to post material in public areas of residential buildings should bring their posters/banners/displays to the CSB Residential Life Office (located in Murray Hall) for approval. Once approved, all postings in public areas of residence halls and apartments will posted by residential life and housing staff. 

All postings in residential public areas must abide by the following: 

  • Materials must have a campus sponsor identified on the posting. 
  • Posters/flyers are not allowed to advertise alcohol. 
  • Posters/flyers cannot contain material antithetical to institutional policies. 
  • Events cannot be advertised more than two weeks in advance. 
  • Posters/flyers must be 8 ½ x 11, 8 ½ x 14, or 11 x 17. 
  • Materials will be posted in areas designated by residential life & housing staff. Posting on windows is not permitted. 
  • Large banners may not exceed three feet in length. 
  • Unapproved banners/posters will be removed. 
  • Non-CSB/SJU groups and businesses are not allowed to post.  

Student Rooms/Apartments 

The College supports the expression of diverse ideas and opinions as part of the residential experience while also keeping in mind that students reside in housing that is owned by the College. Decorations, images, and messages will be representing the floor/building and the CSB community to others including guests and families. As such, students are encouraged to make responsible and well-reasoned decisions about content before posting items that are visible to the public.  

Students wishing to hang displays (posters, images, fliers, banners, flags, QR codes, Snapchat codes, etc.) in their rooms and on the exterior of the door to their living space and must abide by the following: 

  • Postings or displays in windows of residential spaces are not permitted. 
  • Postings and displays cannot interfere with access to the living space or create a safety hazard. 
  • Postings and displays cannot contain material antithetical to institutional policies and values. This includes but is not limited items such as the confederate flag, Nazi symbols or messages, and white supremacist images or messages as well as other messages and symbols that violate the CSB/SJU Human Rights Policy.  

Residential Life & Housing staff reserve the final judgment of displays and postings in areas visible to the public and retain authority to remove displays or postings at their discretion.  Students who do not comply with these requirements may be subject to disciplinary action. 

Quiet Hours

Our residence halls, houses and apartments are first and foremost a place for students to sleep and study. Some noise is to be expected in a thriving community but, because it difficult to develop a shared definition of what is too loud, noise inevitably becomes an issue in the halls.  All members of our communities and their guests are expected to be attentive to their noise levels, and to be responsive to other students who ask them to be quieter.

Students who are being disturbed by noise are expected to respectfully confront those responsible for the noise and request that they quiet down.  Should noise issues continue, a student should then seek assistance from a Residence Life staff member.

The College's policies on Quiet Hours, Courtesy Hours, and Finals Week Quiet Hours are designed to promote environments where student may sleep and study without disruption from noise.

During Quiet Hours: Noise should not be heard outside of a student’s door or in adjacent rooms where others may be disrupted. Stereos, video games and televisions should be at a lower level so they are not likely to be heard outside of the student room or from open windows.

Aurora, Corona, Regina, Lottie, Margretta and Brian Halls:
Sunday-Thursday 10:00pm-9:00am
Friday and Saturday 12:00am-9:00am.

Campus Houses and Apartments:

Residents set quiet hours within living groups and observe 24 hour courtesy hours within their community. In addition, campus house and apartment residents must adhere to all city noise ordinances.

Finals 24-Hour Quiet Hours Policy

Quiet hours extend 24 hours per day lasting through the end of finals week.  All students and their guests need to respect these quiet hours, so as not to disrupt other students who are preparing for their final examinations. Disruptive behavior caused during this time period will be referred to the College's conduct process.

See also Courtesy Hours.  


CSB recognizes the role we each play in protecting and appreciating the value of our environment. Recycling bins are located outside of Mary Commons, Outside Aurora Hall, the recycling shed behind Brian Hall and in the Recycling/Garbage area outside Lottie Hall. In the apartments receptacles, can be found in the Wood Shed by West Apartments, near the parking lots in East Apartments, near the Centennial Commons parking lot, and near the College Ave Apartments.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the recycling guidelines posted in each area or visit

Students in on-campus apartments can also compost their food scraps on campus. Compost drop off sites are located near the trash and recycling containers of Centennial Commons, College Avenue, Luetmer, and the West Apartments.

Residency Requirement

As a residential liberal arts college, the College of Saint Benedict supports the holistic development of women within the context of living and learning in community. Foundational to our identity as a Benedictine institution, we believe that living on campus is a vital part of the student experience and provides students with opportunities to explore social, leadership, gender and relational aspects of development.  Reflective of this commitment, CSB requires that all full-time students live in college housing. Please visit the Residency Requirement Page for more details. 

Roller blades

The use of roller blades in residential halls and apartments is prohibited because of the potential for personal injury and damage to facilities.

Room Change/Apartment Changes

We recognize not every living situation is going to work out for residents and occasionally moving to a new apartment or room is the best option for resolving a conflict. Before an apartment or room change is requested or approved, talk to your RA, CA, or RD/AC about helping you resolve the conflict in some other manner. Room change request forms are available from your RD/AC. This form must be signed by the RA/CA and RD/AC before any move can take place. Please be aware there is a $25 administrative fee for a room change.

Room Selection Process

Room selection takes place during spring semester. Those who are in the fifth-year seniors cohort select housing first, followed by the senior cohort, junior cohort, etc. (not by class status but rather cohort group). All students who plan to return to CSB and live on campus during fall semester should participate in room selection. Returning students are required to be registered for Fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process.  All students who wish to select on campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the Room Selection Process they will participate in takes place. Information is sent to students in early February with more details about the room selection process.

Students who will study abroad during fall semester do not participate in room selection. The Residential Life and Housing office will contact these students to gather information regarding their housing preferences for spring. Housing assignments for fall study abroad students are made in mid December. Students are notified about their spring semester housing assignment via their campus email account during semester break.

Students going abroad spring semester must give their contract cancellation notice no later than November 1st in order to avoid any financial penalties. Students who study abroad in the spring need to participate in room selection to secure housing for the following fall semester. These students should designate a student proxy to select their housing at room selection. This can be done via the housing portal at

Those students who are unable to select housing at their assigned time as determined by their selection number, may designate a student proxy to select their housing at room selection. This can be done via the Housing Portal.

Severe Weather and Shelter Areas

It is critical building occupants comply with requests to evacuate to shelter. Your prompt response to any notice to evacuate is critical to your safety. Stay in the shelter until the weather warning has expired or someone from the Department of Security notifies you that the weather warning has expired. Do not trust “all clears" from the Internet as the weather updates via the Internet are often 15 minutes behind even if it says “live”.

Designated Shelter Areas:

  • Residence Halls: Seek shelter in the basement of your building. Stay clear of entryways, hallways, and glass. Laundry rooms and any bathroom in the lower levels are generally the safest locations.
  • East Apts:  Seek shelter in the basement of the HAB. If you do not have time to seek shelter in the HAB, the safest place to be is any bathroom area on the lowest level of your building (close doors to bedrooms, kitchen etc).
  • West Apts: Seek shelter in the basement of your building. Stay clear of entry ways, hallways, and glass. Laundry rooms and any bathroom in the lower levels of West are generally the safest locations.
  • Houses: Seek shelter in the basement of your house. Stay clear of entry ways, hallways, and glass.
  • College Avenue Apartments: Seek shelter in the basement of the building. Stay clear of entry ways, and glass. The laundry room or a bathroom in the lower level of these buildings will be the best location during a storm.
  • Centennial Commons: If you have time, get to the shelter area in Idzerda Commons. If you can't then seek shelter in the lower level of your townhome in the bathroom.

Additional Weather Information:

  • Campus Security will issue severe weather warnings based on information received from the National Weather Service.
  • It is important people follow all instructions via the radio or authorities during a severe weather warning and they be patient waiting for the warning to expire.
  • Listen to the radio for updated weather information. Two local and reliable stations with regular weather updates are WJON (AM 1240) and WWJO (98.1 FM).
  • Be aware of the location of your shelter areas.
  • If you hear Civil Defense Sirens sounding do not “wait out the storm” move to your shelter area!

Sexual Assault Policy (CSB/SJU)

The College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John’s University (SJU) have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in any form. CSB and SJU are committed to compliance with all applicable anti-discrimination laws and do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, familial status, status with regard to public assistance, or other legally protected category or characteristic, in their programs and activities.   Harassment based upon an individual’s legally protected status is a form of prohibited discrimination. 

As institutions which espouse Catholic and Benedictine values, every community member’s awareness of and respect for the rights and human dignity of all persons undergirds community life. These values demand that we strive to create an environment where the sacredness of each person is honored. Sexual assault conduct, sexual harassment, and other sexual misconduct violate the sacredness of the person, weaken the health of the community, and are antithetical to the mission of our institutions.

The complete Joint Sexual Assault Policy can be found online in the Bennie Book by accessing For more information or to file complaint, please contact Jody Terhaar, Dean of Students at ext. 5601 or [email protected].


Smoking or use of electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, or electronic nicotine delivery systems are not allowed anywhere inside of the apartments, houses, or residence halls. Those who smoke are expected to stay at least 25 feet away from entrances to individual apartments and residence areas. Smoking is permitted in the courtyards of the East and West apartments, but individuals may be asked to cease smoking or move from the courtyard if there is a complaint.

Please note: Cigarette butts found outside the apartments, houses, and residence halls (balconies, walkouts, entries) are both environmentally dangerous and unattractive. Smokers are responsible for keeping the grounds clean and may be asked to assist the cleaning crews in removing these from common areas if a problem is noted. Please dispose of your cigarette butts properly.


Limited on-campus storage is available during the summer months for students. Students may store up to three (3) electronic items (computer, television, mini-fridge, DVD player) in the Corona basement storage and up to five (5) boxes (trunks, lockers, suitcases), each which are no larger than 21" x 17" x 17", in the Aurora storage. Each box must be closed and clearly labeled. To make arrangements for electronic storage or to access items you have stored, contact Residential Life and Housing at ext. 5580 or by email at [email protected]. To make arrangements for Aurora storage or to access items you have stored, please call Custodial Maintenance at ext. 5585 or email Mona Gruber at [email protected]

Solicitation in Residential Areas

Sales are absolutely prohibited in the residence areas (this includes private rooms, lounges and common areas). Any variation must be approved by the Director of Residential Life by completing a Request to Solicit or Campaign. CSB/SJU student organizations with permission from the Director of Residential Life, may conduct solicitation in residential areas as a means of raising funds for their organizations. Use of proceeds from solicitation are to be clearly described in all printed materials. Please refer to the full solicitation policy found in the Bennie Book at for further details regarding solicitation on campus and in the residence halls/apartments. No solicitation is permitted during First Year Orientation, Prospective Student Visit Days, or during finals.


Campus phones/landlines are not provided in student rooms. Public phones for student use are located in various locations within all of the residence halls and apartment buildings. Please locate the public phones in your area upon your arrival to campus. Students can request the installation of a campus phone. Charges for installation and first semester fees will need to be paid before installation. Please see the Telecommunications website for costs. If you would like to request a campus phone installed in your room, please go to:


There are bins outside of each building for personal garbage disposal. Bathroom and lounge waste containers are not to be used for disposing of personal trash. Custodial Maintenance is not responsible for disposing of personal trash. Trash is not permitted on balconies, walkouts, or in public areas (hallways, lounges, etc.) because of potential problems with pests and insects.

Vending Machines

There are vending machines located in the residence areas across campus. If you need a refund, fill out a refund request envelope located on the machine. The vendors will process your request when they come to campus.


Should a vacancy occur at any time during the academic year, you have three choices:

  1. Find a new roommate of your choosing to fill the vacancy;
  2. Accept a new roommate as assigned by the Residential Life and Housing Office; or
  3. Maintain the vacancy by paying for the cost of the open space for the period of the contract remaining. This option is only permitted if the space is not needed by another student.

In accordance with the terms of the Campus Housing Agreement, the Residential Life and Housing Office reserves the right to assign students to open spaces. Refusal to accept a roommate or forcing a roommate out of a shared premise may result in financial and/or disciplinary consequences. It is expected that all residents practice the Benedictine value of Hospitality when welcoming a new person into their living group.


Vacuums are provided for student use. Please clean your room and vacuum on a regular basis. Please do not use powder carpet fresheners or commercial cleaners as they leave residue that interferes with the cleaning process each year. If you have a major spill that needs attention, please contact your custodian for assistance using the work order system. Note that after each use the vacuum roller should be cleaned, and if the vacuum is full, it should be emptied. If you are unsure of how to do this, please put in a work order for custodial maintenance to service the vacuum.

  • Residence Halls: One vacuum is provided for each floor in the residence hall. If the vacuum is lost or stolen, the cost is divided among all of the residents in the area.
  • Apartments: One vacuum is provided for each apartment. Your apartment is responsible for the cost if the vacuum is not present at time of checkout.


No weaponry of any kind whatsoever is allowed on campus except those provided in ROTC and weaponry for game hunting or trapshooting that are registered with and stored at CSB Department of Security. This statement is to be interpreted in the broadest sense to include any such weaponry whether considered real, toy, or facsimile that can cause bodily harm or threat. Violation of this policy is considered grave. Anyone who violates this policy of possession is subject to severe sanctions including suspension. Anyone who uses weaponry deliberately or otherwise in a way that hurts people physically or mentally, is destructive of property, or jeopardizes public safety may be suspended or dismissed.

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