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Residential Policies, Information and Services


Dial 5000 from any campus phone or press the button on the “BLUE LIGHTS” placed throughout campus and in parking lots.  Fire, police, and ambulance services can be better directed to the exact location of an emergency through security.  Emergency assistance is also available by dialing 9-911 from any campus phone. All RAs/CAs have a landline phone. There are also house phones in each hall. Please familiarize yourself with these locations.  The RA, CA, or RD/AC on duty can also provide assistance in an emergency.

Energy Conservation and Stewardship

Please help save energy by shutting off lights and unneeded appliances.  Keep your thermostat at a moderate temperature and adjust for personal preferences in temperature with clothing, blankets, etc.  We ask you refrain from opening windows in the winter.  This not only wastes energy, but it is also possible that your window may freeze open, resulting in damage.  Check here for tips regarding conservation of energy

Fire Hazards

Do not leave boxes, bikes, or other items in the hallways or in front of the doors of your building, residence hall, or apartment.  Exits and windows cannot be blocked as this poses a threat to safety. Do not hang anything from fire sprinkler heads or pipes as this may cause the sprinklers to malfunction and cause damage to college property as well as personal items of campus residents. Also, please refer to the "appliance" section of this handbook for information on appliances prohibited in campus housing . Failure to comply with this policy can result in fines and official follow-up in the conduct process. 

Fire Safety

An emergency evacuation plan is located on the back of every residence hall room, apartment, and house door.  Know the appropriate escape route. Fire drills are conducted each year.  Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. Failure to evacuate in the event of a drill or actual fire may result in fines and follow-up with the conduct process. Tampering with fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers may result in fines and follow-up with the conduct process.


The sale, possession and use of some non-explosive and non-aerial consumer fireworks are permitted in Minnesota effective April 30, 2002; however, all fireworks are still prohibited on the private property at the College of Saint Benedict campus. Any fireworks found on the College of Saint Benedict campus will be confiscated and are non-returnable. Person(s) in violation of campus policy or Minnesota law are subject to campus or criminal sanctions.


Due to the damage caused by grills on balconies of residence halls and apartments and the risk of fire, students are not permitted to possess or store personal grills. There are grills available for apartment residents use located near Luetmer, McDonald, Idzerda Commons, and West Apartments.

Guest Policy

As part of your Roommate or Living Group Agreement, we expect you and your roommate(s) will agree on some standards for hosting guests.  Roommates and living groups should determine what hours you wish to host male guests within the time frames established by Open House Hours for the residence halls and the apartment/houses.  Out of consideration for the women who make their home on campus, male guests are not permitted in campus residence areas except during open house hours.  At no time are male guests permitted to stay overnight in any campus residence hall, apartment, or house.  Non CSB/SJU guests are not permitted to remain in a residential area without a host present in the building. We ask that you register your overnight female guests with your RA, CA, or RD/AC in the case of an emergency.  See also Guest Registration Form.

A responsible host will have spoken to all roommates prior to inviting any guest and will understand she is responsible for her guest and his or her behavior.  Should problems between roommates or a living group arise as a result of conflicts over guests, please contact your RA, CA, or RD/AC for assistance.

Guests are permitted on a limited basis during break periods for students who remain on campus.

Residents wishing to host a social event in their residence hall, apartment, or house must abide by all college and residential life policies regarding number of guests, noise, alcohol, etc.  Social events with alcohol are permitted only in the campus apartments and houses.  Social events with alcohol cannot take place in any residence hall or the lower level West apartment residence hall rooms (Smith, Sohler and Schumacher).  Students who wish to host a social event, with or without alcohol, should contact their RA, CA, or RD/AC to register their event . 

Apartment or house residents wishing to host a social event with alcohol should familiarize themselves with the Alcohol Policy  Prior to receiving approval to host a social event, students will be asked to complete a Social Event Registration and a Responsible Hosting Agreement.  Contact your RA, CA, or RD/AC for additional information.

Please keep in mind when planning your event that the total number of people in the apartment/house cannot surpass the fire code limit:

Two person apt:

6 people

Four person apt:

12 people

Six person apt:

18 people

CSB campus houses:

15 people

Hall Sports Policy

Due to the potential for damages to facilities, personal injury, and disruption of the sleep/study atmosphere in the residence halls and apartments, the playing of sports within the residence halls, apartments and houses are strictly prohibited. This policy specifically includes but is not limited to: playing ball, in-line skating, skateboards, mechanized self-balancing devices, bowling, throwing Frisbees or other objects, water/food fights, etc.  Residents are encouraged to use the Haehn Campus Center field house, the Warner Palestra at SJU, and local parks/recreational fields for recreational activities.

Harassing Phone Calls

Any calls that are threatening, harassing, repetitive, or unusual should be reported immediately to Security at ext. 5000.  These calls may not seem dangerous but should be reported nonetheless. 

Human Rights Policy (CSB/SJU)

The College of Saint Benedict ("CSB") and Saint John's University ("SJU") are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all members of the community are aware of and respect the rights and human dignity of every other member. Discrimination and harassment based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, familial status, status with regard to public assistance, or other legally protected category or characteristic are reprehensible and are antithetical to the mission of these institutions.  CSB and SJU have zero tolerance for unlawful discrimination and harassment.

For more information or to file a complaint, please contact CSB Student Development at 320-363-5601 or SJU Student Development at 320-363-2737.

ID Cards

Every CSB student is issued an ID card.  This card is your access to your meal plan, security doors on campus, and library privileges.  If you lose your ID card, the replacement fee is $25.  If your ID card is lost or stolen, please report it as soon as possible to Security.  New ID cards can be obtained from the Security Office.  For your safety and security, do not allow anyone to use your ID card.

Incense Policy

Incense is not permitted in any residence area.  Students who have incense in their rooms, suites, houses, or apartments will be required to take it home.  Students who do not comply with this policy will have their incense confiscated until the end of the semester and will receive an automatic College disciplinary warning.  Individuals wishing to use incense for religious purposes are asked to contact Campus Ministry to make appropriate arrangements.


For your safety and security, do not give your keys to anyone.  If you find yourself locked out of your room, please contact the Department of Security for assistance, they have temporary room keys that can be issued to you on a short term basis to allow you to access your room. If you lose your key, report it to the Residential Life and Housing Office immediately. A new lock and key will be ordered for you.  There is a charge for any lost room key.  Failing to report your lost key could jeopardize your own safety and that of your roommate(s).

Laundry Information and Facilities

Washing machines and dryers are located in each residential hall/area for resident use. The fees for using the machines are included in the cost of the housing contract for each semester. In many halls there are also ironing boards, irons and drying racks available for resident use. Please use only HE (High Efficiency) detergent in all front loading style washing machines to ensure they work properly for you and all of the residents. Students are encouraged  to use mesh laundry bags to protect their small and/or delicate items. 

Residents are responsible for their own items and choose to use the machines at your own risk. Overloading machines, failing to use a mesh bag for delicate items, using the wrong setting, or leaving items unattended may result in loss of items which are the responsibility of the resident. 

Laundry Facility Locations:

  • Aurora and Regina have laundry facilities located on each floor. Each hall has sign-up sheets to reserve a time to do laundry.
  • Corona, Lottie, Margretta, and Brian have laundry facilities located on the lower level of each building. Each hall has a sign-up sheet for students to reserve a time to do laundry.
  • McDonald, Wirth, and Zierden apartment residents use the laundry room located in the south end of McDonald.  The laundry room is accessed using a student ID card. There is a sign-up sheet to reserve a time to do laundry.
  • Centennial Commons and Luetmer apartment residents have a washer and dryer located in their apartment.
  • West apartment residents have laundry facilities located in the lower level of each building.  Each building has sign-up sheets to reserve a time to do laundry.
  • College Ave Apartments have laundry facilities located in the lower level of each building. Each building has sign-up sheets to reserve a time to do laundry.
  • Residents of the college houses have a washer and dryer in their home.

If a washer or dryer is not working properly please submit a maintenance request so that the problem can be addressed and the machine brought back online for resident use as quickly as possible.

Lounges/Study Areas

All residence areas have community lounges to provide residents with a common gathering area and a place to relax and study.  Lounges are furnished with couches, chairs, and other amenities.  If you would like to reserve one of these spaces, please contact the RD/AC at least one week in advance.


Student mail is delivered to campus and distributed to student mail boxes Monday through Saturday.  Student mail boxes are located in Mary Commons.  You may also mail letters in Mary Commons (mail is picked up in the afternoon). Stamps are available for purchase at the CSB Bookstore.

The following address format should be used when giving others your mailing address:

Student Name
CSB Box # _ _ _ _
37 S. College Ave.
St. Joseph, MN 56374

Please note you must present your student ID when picking up packages.


A work request submittal service called "" is used to request maintenance service at CSB. This allows residents to submit work requests to the CSB Maintenance Department via the internet at


The first time you attempt to submit a work order, you will be prompted for a user name and password.

  • Username: type in your CSB email address
  • Password: type in newuser

You will then receive a message stating that this password has expired and you will be prompted to change the password.

  • Current username: type in your CSB email address
  • Current ?password: type in newuser
  • New password: choose a password  and remember the new password for future log ins.


  1. After creating your personal account, select the appropriate area for your concern.
  2. Describe your request in detail to avoid delays.
  3. Make sure you include your full name, your building and room number so we can find you!
  4. Give us your phone number so we can contact you with questions.
  5. The password to submit your work order is saint.  

Between the hours of 4pm and 7am, if you're submitting a work request that is an emergency (i.e. broken locks or pipes) contact Security at (320)-363-5000.      

Mary Commons Information Desk

The Mary Commons Information Desk is located inside the main doors to Mary Commons. While the primary function of the desk is to serve as the college telephone operator, it also provides information regarding directions, campus activities and happenings.  The desk has cards, checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, dominoes, Mancala, Scattergories, Scrabble, UNO, Stacko, Yatzee, and other games available for check out and use in Mary Commons (campus ID needed to check out games).  You may also check out billiards cues, air hockey pucks and paddles, and foosballs for the tables in Mary Commons from the Desk.

By providing a 24 hour space in Mary Commons, students who have guests and would like to continue their visit past open house hours in the Residence Halls and lower levels of West Apartments may do so by utilizing the Commons Area.  Saint John’s students who remain on the CSB campus after the last bus to visit or study with CSB students in the Commons will need to have alternative transportation arranged to return to SJU.  The Mary Commons 24 hours space is meant to provide extended services to students, allow for a secure area for extended open house hours, and provide a possible location for late night programming.

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