Off Campus FAQ's

Who can apply for the Off-Campus Selection Process?

Students who meet the exemption criteria, 5th year seniors, and those students classified as members of the rising senior cohort are eligible to participate in the Off Campus Process..  Submitting an application or participating in the Off-Campus Selection Process does not guarantee that an exemption will be granted. Rising seniors who wish to live off campus must fill out the Off Campus Housing Selection Application Form which can be found on the Housing Portal. The deadline for submitting this application is October 15.

When is the deadline to apply for the Off Campus Process?

The deadline for students to sign up for the Off Campus Process is October 15th. What are the eligibility requirements for off campus release? To be eligible, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 and cannot be on either disciplinary or academic probation.

Can I go through the release process as an individual instead of as a group?

Yes, students may only apply either individually or as part of a group. Students may only submit one application for the Off Campus Process and a selection number may be used only once in the process.

How is the number exemptions offered each year determined?

The number exemptions offered are based on the projection of how many students we expect will live on-campus for the following academic year and how many beds we have available in our residence halls. This is calculated based on the 10th day enrollment of each cohort and the 5 year average retention rates, average number of students abroad and admission enrollment goals.

Is there a maximum group size allowed in the release process

Yes, the maximum group size is 6 students.

I am a first-year student with college credits from high school, am I eligible to apply for off-campus release?

No, the off-campus release process is based on number of years as a full-time student in college. Credits have no bearing in this exemption process or any portion of housing selection at CSB.

The house we want off campus has several groups looking at it, should we sign a lease?

NO! Students are not released to live off campus until an offer is made and an acceptance letter is submitted. Students who do not follow this process and sign a lease off campus will find themselves responsible for that lease as well as the Campus Housing Agreement (lease) and all fees associated with campus housing. Having a signed an off campus lease does not grant you release or priority in the process or waiting list.  You should not sign an off-campus lease without an offer of exemption in the Off-Campus Process.  

If I am not released to live off-campus initially, how does the waiting list work?

If placed on the waiting list, we release the next individual/group when the number of students who have accepted to live off-campus has dropped below the number of students approved to live off-campus. 

  • Students/Groups who apply by deadline and are not offered and exemption through the Off Campus Process will be wait-listed by selection number. 
  • Students/Groups applying October 16 or later (but before On Campus Selection) will be wait-listed by time and date of submission. 
  • The Off Campus Waiting List becomes void as of the On Campus Room Selection process.  Following room selection, groups or individuals who wish to be on the off campus waiting list may add their names to the post-room selection waiting list.

Our entre living group is seniors, so we will get released, right?!

Applying to the process is not a guarantee of release. Often, the number of participants in the process (those who apply) exceeds the number of exemptions to be offered. Please know that this could mean that your group, even if you have all seniors, may not be offered an exemption from the on-campus requirement.

What happens if I am not released and I just live off campus anyways?

If you have not been granted an exemption to live off campus, you are required to live on campus. The residential experience of community living supports and challenges our students with opportunities for personal and social growth. As a Benedictine, liberal arts college, we believe that living in community is of central importance to the student experience and all students are required to live on campus. While we understand that living on campus may not be your first choice for housing, this does not excuse you from the requirement.  Ultimately, if you do not select housing in the room selection process, a room will be assigned to you, and will be billed for room and board accordingly. 

Also, please remember students found in violation of the terms of the offer of exemption may find their exemption rescinded and the student would then be subject to the residency requirement and would responsible for all related room and board fees that may apply.

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