Off-Campus Housing

CSB Off-Campus Selection Process:

The Residential Life program at the College of Saint Benedict provides a four year residential experience of community living which supports and challenges our students with opportunities for personal and social growth. As a Benedictine, liberal arts college, we believe that living in community is of central importance to the student experience and all students are required to live on campus. This policy began with all students who enrolled as first year students at the College in the fall of 2010.

CSB Off-Campus Selection Timeline:

October 15 - Deadline for students to sign up for Off-Campus Selection Process

All group members need to apply for off campus and all need to mutually accept each other on the form.

November 15 - Notification of release from Off-Campus Selection

December 15 - Deadline for students to accept/decline offer to live off campus

Exceptions to the Residency Requirement:

If a student submits the Off-Campus Housing Application and meets one or more of the following criteria, she will automatically be granted off-campus residency status for the academic year or term(s) for which she applied. The criteria are:

  • Students who are married or who have dependent children living with them.
  • 5th Year students, specifically students who are over the age of 23 on the first day of fall semester or who have attended 8 or more semesters as a full time college student following high school graduation.
  • Part -time students, those enrolled for less than 12 credits for fall semester. This is intended for those graduating mid-year who have fewer than 12 credits to complete or limited other unique circumstances.
  • Continuing Ed Students.
  • Students doing internships, clinical/capstone or student teaching more than 30 miles from campus during the Fall Semester and enrollment in said internship/student teaching/capstone accounts for more than half of the students enrollment. Student must be able to provide documentation of said internship/capstone/student teaching at time of request if based upon this criteria.

Appeal to Be Released from the Residency Requirement

  • In addition, students who do not meet the criteria above may appeal to be released from the residency requirement in any of their four years to live at their permanent home address if located within 30 miles of the CSB campus. These requests for release from the residency requirement will be considered on a case by case basis. Those submitting an appeal need to demonstrate an extenuating unique circumstance that makes an exception to the requirement appropriate when other local students are held to the requirement.  Submitting an appeal does not guarantee that off campus residency will be granted. Appeals to Be Released from the Residency Requirement are due October 15 each year for the following academic year. To appeal to live at home please see the steps outlined below:
  • In their appeal students will need to demonstrate a clear plan for how they will become (or remain) an involved and active member of the community at CSB while living at their permanent home address
  • Students will need to demonstrate some unique circumstance that can be documented and would require an exception in comparison to other local students.
  • Students will be invited to meet with the housing appeals committee comprised of CSB staff and students between November 1 and December 1 to consider their appeal for release.

Off-Campus Selection:

Members of the rising junior and senior cohort who do not qualify through the above criteria but wish to apply for off campus residency status may apply for the Off campus Selection each year. Submitting an application or participating on off campus selection does not guarantee that off campus residency will be granted. If you have not been granted permission to live off campus and are found to be off campus, you may be billed room and board. To avoid these problems, please fill out and submit the application for Off campus Selection. Sign Up for the process is due October 15.

A limited number of students will be released from the residency requirement each year. Student may apply as individual* or as a group. If students are applying as a group, all members need to apply and must mutually accept each other on the form. Students may only enter into the selection process once each year (either as an individual or as a group).

Living groups may be comprised of an individual or up to six members. Groups will be released based on the best number in their group (just like the room selection process each spring). Each individual will be assigned a selection number upon which the selection process will be based. Selection numbers will be assigned to students randomly within their respective cohort groups. Your cohort group is the group of students who began college in the same year. This selection number will be used for both on and off campus selection processes throughout the year.


Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA and be in good academic standing (those on academic probation are not eligible).

Students on disciplinary probation are not eligible for release.

Students who are placed on either academic or disciplinary probation following the release process may lose their eligibility to live off campus and may be required to live on campus in housing available at that time.

Only students classified as members of the rising junior and senior cohorts will be eligible for release in the "Junior/Senior Live Off Option".

Groups with a majority of Senior Cohort members (those who began college in Fall 2015 or earlier) will receive priority in the process.

Groups comprised entirely with members of the rising senior cohort (those who began college in Fall 2015 or earlier) will receive priority in the process. Applying to the process is not a guarantee of release. Often, the number of participants in the release process (those who apply) exceeds the number of releases to be offered. Please know that this could mean that your group, even if you have all seniors, may not be offered a release. 

Groups that have a majority of rising senior cohort members but also include rising juniors will have priority AFTER groups that only have seniors in their group. Please know that this could mean that your group, even if you have a majority of seniors in it, may not be offered a release. 

While juniors may apply for the Junior/Senior Release process, please know that the number of seniors applying in the past four years have meant that no rising junior living groups have been offered a release.  You will be able to become part of the waiting list and you may receive a 2nd or 3rd round offer should senior groups decline a release later in the process.

Release from the residency requirement will be offered based on the best selection number in your group.

Individuals may seek release on their own, or the person with the best number in the group can pull up to five requested roommates in the process with her off campus - all roommates must request one another for this to work. Note- 5th year students may not pull other students with them – group releases when a 5th year student is part of a group will be based on the best number in the group for those who will be 4th year students.

A selection number may be used only once in the Off Campus Selection process.

Students may only apply to the Off Campus Selection process once, either individually or as part of a group.

Group applications should include all members of the group for the entire academic year.  In the event someone plans to be abroad part of the year, you will need to identify anticipated Fall Only and Spring Only members (those who hope to be abroad etc.). The release will be based on the selection numbers of those group members there for the fall (those who are there for the whole year and fall only). Spring roommates will be pulled into the group based on the success of the fall group's application.

Students/Groups approved for release will be given no less than two weeks from the date of offer to accept or decline the release. Students who miss the deadline will be required to add their name to the wait list if they still wish to be released.

A student may decline an offer for release.

Students accepting release are required by the College to provide the address at which they will be living and a phone number at which they can be contacted.

Students/Groups who apply by deadline and are not approved through the Off Campus Selection will be wait-listed by selection number.

Students/Groups applying October 16 or later (but before On Campus Selection) will be wait-listed by time and date of submission.

The Off Campus Waiting List becomes void as of the On Campus Room Selection process.  Following room selection, groups or individuals who wish to be on the off campus waiting list may add their names to the post-room selection waiting list.

Students on the wait list will only receive release offers if and when it is determined that additional space is required in College-owned housing.

Students are not approved to live off campus until an offer is made and an acceptance letter is submitted. Students who do not follow this process and sign a lease off campus will find themselves responsible for that lease as well as the Campus Housing Agreement (lease) and all fees associated with campus housing. Having a signed an off campus lease does not grant you release or priority in the process or waiting list.  You should not sign an off campus lease without an offer of release in the Off Campus Selection process.