Mid-Year Cancellation

Graduating? Going Abroad? Getting Married? Student Teaching or Interning more than 30 miles from campus? Withdrawing/Transferring?

Students who currently live on campus but will be doing any of the above for spring semester read on for very important information regarding your housing and cancellation procedures.  Your deadline for cancelling without penalty (if you are canceling for one of the reasons above) is November 1.  (Cancellations fees apply after this date see the CSB Campus Housing Agreement for full details).

As stated in the CSB Campus Housing Agreement:  

"Resident students may cancel their agreement for Spring Semester if the cancellation request is for one of the following reasons:  (a) graduation; (b) study abroad; (c) marriage; (d) leave of absence or withdrawal from college; (e) student teaching or internship located more than 30 miles from campus.  Residents requesting a cancellation of agreement must submit an online PETITION FOR RELEASE FROM THE CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT."

Petitions for release for any reason not listed above will be subject to review by the Housing Appeals Committee and the student may be obligated to the full contract amount for spring semester.  Please contact the Residential Life & Housing Office to get more information on the Appeal of the Residency Requirement.

Students who are contemplating a withdrawal/transfer from CSB mid year are asked to submit at PETITION FOR RELEASE FROM THE CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT by November 1, however their cancellation of contract will not be finalized until they have completed and turned in forms for withdrawal from the College (available from their Residence Director). Our hope is that we can assist students as we are able to connect with resources as we become aware that they are contemplating leaving CSB either to help them remain at the college or have as smooth a transition out as possible.

What do you need to do?

  • Complete the online PETITION FOR RELEASE FROM THE CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT no later than November 1.
  • Complete the Designate Proxy for Room Selection on the Housing Portal if you plan to live on campus in the fall of 2018.  
  • Prepare for checkout of your room. The RA/CA staff will contact you with additional detailed information. 
  • Contact Bedloft about returning your loft/refrigerator. (wwwbedloft.com)
  • Checkout and remove your belongings prior to leaving campus no later than December 19th (the last day of finals).
  • Turn in your ID card at checkout if you will not be returning to CSB.

If you are graduating, withdrawing*, or leaving never to return to CSB, you need to cancel your housing contract by November 1. You need to complete the PETITION FOR RELEASE FROM THE CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT by November 1. Your RA/CA staff will contact you to set up a check out time and provide you with additional information. 

* If you are withdrawing/transferring there are additional forms you need to complete to withdraw from the college.  Please contact your Area Coordinator (AC) or Residence Director (RD) to obtain these forms.

If you are going abroad, will be interning, or student teaching more than 30 miles away from campus, you may be released from your residential agreement without penalty.  Complete the PETITION FOR RELEASE FROM THE CSB CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT online by November 1.

In addition to the petition form, you need to plan ahead for your fall 2018 housing arrangements.  If you plan to live on campus in the Fall of 2018, you will need to designate a proxy to select your housing on your behalf during room selection. The Designate a Proxy for Room Selection form is found on the CSB Housing Portal. Those who select housing via proxy will be held to the terms and conditions of the CSB Housing Contract including schedule and fees for cancellation. The CSB Campus Housing Agreement is available by visiting the Residential Life website.