Ganard Orionzi

Ganard Orionzi, director of environmental health and safety, has worked with CSB/SJU since 1998. His responsibilities with the facilities management department compose only a portion of his duties at the College.

In his time at CSB, Ganard has overseen environmental and health inspections. He successfully hosted an EPA region V hazardous waste inspection in 2004 and an occupational safety compliance review by Minnesota OSHA in 2005. He is also notable for leading the CSB/SJU community through the 2005 outbreak of norovirus. Ganard is involved in the formulation of all campus health and emergency policies and procedures.

In the past, Ganard has worked as a staff scientist for an environmental consulting firm, done studies for the United Nations Development Project arid lands feasibility study, and worked as a water pump technician for refugee camps in southern Sudan. Ganard is a certified hazardous materials manager (CHMM) and is a licensed professional geosciences practitioner in Minnesota. He has completed graduate courses in public health at the University of Minnesota and holds a BS in applied environmental sciences from the National University of Lesotho in Roma, Lesotho. Ganard is fluent in English and Ethnic Lugbara, and can hold conversation in Swahili and Arabic.