Special Menu/Catering Requests

Special Menu/Special Order requests should be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event.

If a student club or organization that needs funding approval, find process here: https://sharepoint.csbsju.edu/sald/Pages/Purchasing-Form.aspx
What type of catering service are you interesed in?
If you are interested in the CSB Catering Department creating or suggesting menu items for your event, please list your menu guidelines in the box below. Include type of meal service request (plated or buffet), certain menu offerings and estimated budget.

If you would like to submit the specific recipes to be made, please upload full and complete recipe information below. Recipes with incomplete information will not be considered for evaluation. In order for menu to be approved and pricing to be confirmed, we will need complete and accurate information.

Recipes need to include name of item, type of dish (appetizer, soup, entrée, dessert, etc.), specific ingredient list, serving size, serving temperature, and cooking directions.

We will work with you to provide the best options and menu possible for your event. We will make menu revision suggestions based on our experience and product availability. Menus will be replicated as best as possible using the ingredients and equipment we have access to. Some items may require a minimum number of people to order. Depending on overall needs, menu may be limited to a certain number of selections.

Our Catering Manager will be following up with you as soon as possible but please allow at least 5 business days for followup. If you need to make any revisions, please contact our Catering Manager at (320) 363-5145.