Employee Meal Plan

CSB Employees are able to purchase Dining Bucks that will be attached to your campus ID card.

Why purchase Dining Bucks?

  • Dining Bucks are an easy method of payment. You do not have to carry cash to make a retail purchase or dine at one of the many dining facilities.  You can simply present your campus ID card.
  • You will receive discounted rate on meals at Gorecki and the Refectory.
  • You can decide how much to load on your account.  You may purchase Dining Bucks in increments of: $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or $200.00 making it convenient for your dining needs.

How do I purchase Bucks?

CSB/SJU Employees are able to purchase Dining Bucks by visiting GET FUNDS using a credit card. The funds will be available as soon as you click confirm!

Where can I use my Dining Bucks?

You may use your Dining Bucks at CSB Gorecki, McGlynn's, Clemens Perk, SJU Refectory, Shu and Sexton

Can I use my Dining Bucks for a Guest?

Yes - you may use your Dining Bucks to purchase a meal at the Employee - Dining Bucks rate for you and up to 1 guest per visit at Gorecki or the Refectory.

What happens when my balance runs low or runs out?

You may add Dining Bucks in increments of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or $200.00 at any time.

Will my Dining Bucks Expire?

No. Your Dining Bucks will remain on your account as long as you are an employee of CSB.  If you are no longer an employee, you can request a refund of unused Dining Bucks by submitting an email request to [email protected]