CSB Women's R.A.D. Self Defense Classes


The College of Saint Benedict was the first college in the state of Minnesota to bring R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense System) to its campus.  CSB saw this program as an opportunity to be pro-active in addressing issues of violence in our society with CSB Students. Classes started here in March of 1998 and have been offered ever since.  Here's just a couple of comments from students who have taken the class:

"After completing the R.A.D. course, I was filled with a sense of empowerment - not only in the area of self-defense, but in all aspects of my life.  I now know that I can overcome any obstacle that is in my path.  The R.A.D. course teaches you to have faith in yourself and your abilities. I highly recommend this class."
CSB First Year Student

"I would rate this as one of the most valuable classes I've taken in my college career. Thanks for being such supportive and enlightening teachers!"
CSB Senior

"The R.A.D. class has given me knowledge and confidence that I can apply to many areas of my life. It was an empowering experience that not only improved my physical skills but also increased my awareness to the world around me. Thank you so much for the time and effort in teaching us these final lessons that so often get overlooked."
CSB Senior