CSB Intramural League Team Roster

Leagues are filled by a first-submit, first-serve basis

For SJU Intramurals, you must register on their page. This is for CSB Intramurals only!


Team Members:

WAIVER: Participation in athletics and recreation involves the risk of personal injury. The use of equipment, facilities, and premises at the College of Saint Benedict by persons participating in athletic and recreation activities shall constitute acceptance of that risk, regardless of the nature of the injury. As the captain, I agree that the College, its officers, employees, and agents shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage sustained or suffered by persons on my team participating in athletic or recreation activities at the College of Saint Benedict. I also acknowledge that any swearing, fighting or any disrepsect shown to supervisors, officials, participants or any member of the Campus Recreation Department could result in suspension. I understand that I must uphold the highest level of sports-like behavior while participating in CSB Intramurals.