Scheduling Practices for Intramural Leagues

Due to an increased demand among the student body to participate in CSB intramural leagues, the following information is being outlined so students have a clear understanding of how leagues are filled.  It also outlines the limitations we have to work within regarding facilities as well as staff availability.

Leagues are filled based on:
  • The number of teams that league has room for (based on total gym time available for IM's).
  • The time the roster was submitted.
  • If more rosters are submitted than a league has room for, teams may be cut from the league.
  • Teams who do not meet the roster submission deadline will not be considered for the league.
Changing league capacity:
  • The Director has the discretion to add one or two teams and override league capacity numbers. 
Time constraints:
  • Games cannot extend past HCC building hours.
  • Intramurals are scheduled in the HCC Field House after athletic practices.
  • Depending on the semester, intramurals has anywhere between 2.5 - 4.5 hours/night for games.
  • Due to the above constraints, all games cannot exceed beyond the allotted time (i.e. 45 min - 1 hour).
Staff availability:
  • Campus Recreation needs 15-20 students/week to serve as officials and/or court supervisors.
  • Campus Recreation can only allocate so many work study positions for officiating needs.
  • These limited hours available are also taken into consideration when determining league capacities.