Intramural Co-Rec Soccer Rules

Roster specifications and additions
  1. A team consists of six players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.  During regular season games there MUST be at least five players in order to play a game. These and only these combinations will be acceptable in order to play a game:
    3 women/3 men, 4 women (one must be in goal)/2 men, 3 women/2 men, 3 men/2 women, or 4 men (one must be in goal)/2 women AND BOTH TEAMS must be in agreement if a team only has five players to play.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  Failure to comply will result in a forfeit.
  2. No more than three intercollegiate players on one team of any combination. If you play/played on a college team or college club team that school year for any length of time, you are considered a college athlete.
  3. All team members must have their name on the team waiver by the last scheduled regular season game in order to be eligible to play during playoffs.  No additions can be made after this point.  It is the team captain's responsibility to make sure that waivers are updated prior to playoffs.
  4. For the safety of all, jewelry will not be allowed to be worn by any players during the game.  This is for everyone's safety as well as to protect the equipment.
Checking in your team

All teams (at least 1 person from the team) MUST SIGN IN AT THE CAMPUS RECREATION DESK by their scheduled game time.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Each team must be on the court AND ready to play by ten minutes after their scheduled game time-ALL GAMES WILL START NO LATER THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER THEIR SCHEDULED TIME. Failure of a team not being on the court and ready to play will result in a forfeit.  It is not the responsibility of the official/court supervisors to find teams to get their games going.  It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure their team is on the court and ready to play.


All goals made = ONE point
Goal = ball must cross the goal line of the net.
The entire court is in play.  Out of play = ball out of the curtain dividers


A player who commits any of the following offenses while the ball is in play shall be penalized by the referee awarding an indirect free kick to the opposing team, to be taken at the point of the infraction subject to exclusions in Rule 13:
(a) Kicks, or attempts to kick, an opponent.  (b) Trips an opponent.  (c) Jumps at an opponent.  (d) Charges an opponent from behind.  (e) Charges an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner.  (f) Strikes, elbows, attempts to strike or elbow, or spits at an opponent.  (g) Holds an opponent.  (h) Pushes an opponent.  (i) Handles the ball illegally, (i.e., carries, strikes or propels the ball with his/her arm or hand, goalie picks up a passed ball).  (j) Boarding, (i.e., propelling an opponent into the perimeter wall).  (k) Dangerous play.  (l) Charging fairly at an improper time, (i.e., when the ball is not within playing distance of the players concerned).  (m) Obstruction.  (n) Slide-tackling.

Verbal Warnings

Verbal warnings will be assessed by the court officials if a player is committing fouls.

Suspension of play

In addition to a verbal warning, a player shall be asked to leave for incidents of:
(a) Violent conduct or serious foul play
(b) Accumulation of two verbal warnings
A player that was asked to leave will be unable to come back to the game but the team will be allowed to replace him/her with another player of the same gender or else still satisfy one of the acceptable player combinations.  Furthermore, a player that is asked to leave twice over the course of the season will automatically be suspended for the next game following the game where he/she was asked to leave for the second time.

Penalty kicks

All penalty kicks will be indirect kicks.

Unlimited Substitution

During the game, substitutions can be made at any time on an unlimited basis from one position on the court.  The male/female ratio must be respected at all times.

Duration of a Game

The game will consist of two halves each consisting of 15 minutes with a 5 minute break in between each half.  The teams will also switch sides after one half.  During the regular season games, there will be neither an overtime period nor penalty kicks in the event that the score is tied at the end of the game.  The result will count as a draw (each team is awarded a win) for the record.  During play-off games, if the scores are tied at the end of the game, there will be an overtime period of 5 minutes with the results at the end of the 5 minutes counting as the final result.  If the scores are still tied after the overtime period, there will be 3 penalty kicks for each team kicked by 3 separate people, and the team with the most goals in the end will win the game and advance to the next round.  If after the 3 penalty kicks, the score is still tied, then there will be a sudden death penalty kicks with the team that leads after a round of kicks (one kick for each team) winning the game.  A penalty kick will be a one-time shot on goal facing the goalkeeper.  The spot for the penalty kick is marked on each court and will be pointed out before the start of each game by the officials. 


(a) Five-second distribution:  a goalkeeper, in possession of the ball within the penalty area, must distribute the ball outside the goalkeeping area or to another player within five seconds of having received the ball within the goalkeeping area.  Possession shall be defined as control with hand.
(b) Illegal procedure - Handling:  A goalkeeper who receives or carries the ball outside of the goalkeeping area by foot, shall not handle the ball inside the goalkeeping area prior to the ball being touched by another player or prior to a stoppage in play.
(c) Handball outside the goalkeeping area will be a verbal warning for the goalkeeper as well as a free indirect kick for the opposing team at the spot of the offense. 
(d) If a player intentionally obstructs the opposing goalkeeper in an attempt to prevent him putting the ball into play, the referee shall award a free-kick.
(e) Endangering the goalkeeper:  A player who intentionally commits a foul against the goalkeeper endangering him beyond what is considered to be a normal hazard of play shall be assessed a free kick.
(f) The goalkeeper shall have clear possession of the ball when he has it held in both hands or pinned against the floor.                                                                                                                                                                                                          (g) The goalkeeper shall not attempt to pick up a ball intentionally passed to him by the foot via a teammate.

* The goalkeeping area has been marked and will be shown to the teams before the start of the first game of the season by the officials.


**A team can only have three forfeits.  A team will be ineligible for playoffs with forfeiture of a 4th game.