Intramural Whiffle Ball Rules

Roster specifications and additions
  1. A team consists of 6 players, 5 outfielders and 1 catcher. During regular season games and playoffs, there must be at least four players in order to play a game.  These and only these combinations will be acceptable to play a game:
    • 3 women/3 men, 3 women/2 men, 2 women/2 men, 3 men/2 women. 
  2. All team members must have their name on the team roster by the last scheduled regular season game in order to be eligible to play during playoffs.  No additions can be made after this point.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to make sure that team rosters are updated prior to playoffs.
Checking in your team

All teams (at least 1 person from the team) MUST SIGN IN AT THE CAMPUS RECREATION DESK by their scheduled game time.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.  Each team must be on the court AND ready to play by ten minutes after their scheduled game time-ALL GAMES WILL START NO LATER THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER THEIR SCHEDULED TIME. Failure of a team not being on the court and ready to play will result in a forfeit.  It is not the responsibility of the official/court supervisors to find teams to get their games going.  It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure their team is on the court and ready to play.

The Game
  1. No outside equipment is allowed. All equipment will be provided by the Campus Recreation staff.
  2. The game will consist 5 innings or 50 minutes, whichever comes first.  After 50 minutes a new inning is not started.
  3. Use a "coin toss" or "rock, paper, scissors" to determine team and visitors.  Visiting team is up to bat first.
  4. A "15 run rule" is in effect after three complete innings.
  5. The court supervisor will be at the site to record scores, keep score and/or pitch for teams if they only have 4 players.  Otherwise, teams are expected to call the game on the game-honor system.
  6. During regular season a game may end in a tie.  If a game ends in a tie during playoffs, start with the last batter on 2nd base and play an extra inning.
  7. A pitcher pitches to their own team.  They may not interfere with the further play on fielding a ball.  The pitcher should make sure the defense is set before pitching the ball.
  8. The pitch may be overhand or underhand.
  9. If the batter hits the ball foul (outside of 1st or 3rd base), this counts as a strike.  However, if it's their third hit, they are not out.
  10. The batter must hit the ball by the third pitch.  If the ball is not hit fairly by the third pitch, it is an 'out.'  If the batter hits a pop fly foul ball to the catcher, and the catcher catches it, they are out.
  11. There are no walks.
  12. Each team gets three 'outs' per inning.
  13. Bunting is not allowed.
  14. Base runners may not 'lead off' or 'steal' bases.  a base runner may leave the base when the batter contacts the ball.
  15. Please, no sliding.
  16. 'Outs' are made by catching the ball, tagging runners or by the fielder touching the base while in possession of the ball on a 'force' play.
  17. If the batter hits the field house curtains and it's a fair hit, it's an automatic double.
  18. Do not throw the whiffle ball at the runner.  If this occurs, the runner advances one base.
  19. If a player's turn at bat occurs while she/he is a base runner, another player (must be same sex) must take his/her place on base.
  20. Base runners are responsible for avoiding all collisions with fielders involved in the play.  This includes whether the fielder is fielding, throwing or catching the ball.  If the base runner contacts the fielder, they are out and they may be ejected from the game (court supervisor's call).
  21. Also, a fielder not involved in making a play is liable to be ejected from teh game if they interfere with a runner or cause a collision.


**A team can only have three forfeits.  A team will be ineligible for playoffs with forfeiture of a 4th game.