Meet the Instructors

Spring 2021

Maggie Farley

Year: Junior

Major/Minor:Biology; Pre-Dental

Class Maggie Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness?  I enjoy working out in a group setting as we can motivate each other and have fun while doing it!”

Morgan Hughs

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ESL

Class Morgan Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness? “Group Fitness allows CSB/SJU students to be able to try new things, stay active, stay accountable, takes breaks from school and work, and have fun while doing it. I love how inclusive the environment it! Anyone and everyone shoud it a try!”

Margaret Kobs

Year: Senior

Major/Minor:Biology/Hispanic Studies

Class Margaret Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? I want to help other Bennies realize their potential on and off the mat. I hope to bring a sense of peace and belonging to the classes I teach. I want to create a space where students feel they can explore their true selves through yoga and yogic philosophy. Every person has a light inside of them, and I hope I can help brighten that light or be a mirror to reflect it.

Mckenna Meyer

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: GBUS/Accounting

Class Mckenna Teaches: Butts N Gutts

Why Group Fitness? “I chose teaching because I love inspiring girls to be their best selves and being a part of that is something special!”

Lauren Miller

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: GBUS

Class Lauren Teaches: Step

Why Group Fitness? Group Fitness helps me to push my limitations and provides me the opportunity to establish new friendships!”

Lauren Roberts

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Nutrition / Exercise Science

Class Lauren Teaches: Step

Why Group Fitness? “It is a fun environment to not only work in, but work out in. I like to motivate others while working out in a group setting!”

Zohra Ruoha

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Psychology/Neuroscience

Class Zohra Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? I wanted to share my love for yoga by teaching it to others. I really enjoy helping and instructing students here on campus.”

Alexis Schmid

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Psychology/Philosophy and Gender Studies

Class Alexis Teaches: Pilates

Why Group Fitness? “Group X is a great way to push yourself physically and socially! By becoming an instructor, I’ve been able to meet new bennies and johnnies and developed leadership qualities.”

Emma Solheim

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Nursing

Class Emma Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? “I love group fitness because it is a fun way to workout and get active!”

Emily Olson

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Biology/Hispanic Studies

Class Emily Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? “I personally love working out in a group because you get to share a fun and healthy part of your day with those around you.”

Danielle Werning

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Global Business Leadership

Class Danielle Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? “My mission is to help others discover the empowering effect that daily exercise can have on your mental, physical, and emotional health. I decided to become an instructor because I wanted to show others that fitness can be SO MUCH FUN! When I’m teaching, it doesn’t feel like a job at all because I’m having a blast!”

Ella Windel

Year: Sophmore 

Major/Minor: Psychology Major and Hispanic Studies Minor 

Class Ella Teaches: Barre

Why Group Fitness? "I love the community aspect and teamwork of a group workout and I wanted to share my passion for fitness with others."

Marianna Frederick

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Psychology, Pre-OT

Class Marianna Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness? "I find great joy in encouraging and supporting others to help achieve their optimal fitness goals. Zumba is definitely one of those fun filled exercises that inspires people from different backgrounds & cultures to explore movement and fitness in a new way!"

Maddie Anderson

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Hispanic Studies/Pre-Medicine

Class Maddie Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness?

Emma Gronholz

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Elementary Education and Exercise Science Minor

Class Emma Teaches: Arms N Abs, Butts N Guts, and HIIT

Why Group Fitness? "I wanted to be in group ex to help others find their passion in exercise and healthy living!"

Lily Smalley

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Integrative Science

Class Lily Teaches: TBC (Total Body Conditioning) 

Why Group Fitness? "I choose to be an instructor because I want to take my passion for working out and to give that passion to my participants by motivating them to accomplish their goals."

Alex Kowalke

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Pre-Med

Class Alex Teaches: Yoga 

Why Group Fitness? "Group Fitness cultivates community, strength, and peace within one hour. I find stillness in the space we create to become aware. This provides groundwork for the rest of my week. Group Fitness allows me to share my creativity, passion, curiosity, and joy with students who I might not have a chance to meet otherwise."

Elisabeth Picka

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Exercise and Health Science/Pre-Chiropractic

Class Elizabeth Teaches: Butts N Guts and HIIT

Why Group Fitness? “I’ve always been in sports since I was really little and I wanted to find something to be apart of that was active and fun! Health and fitness has been a large part of my life and to be able to teach it to others while having fun makes it the best job ever!”

Paige Daniels

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Psychology

Class Paige Teaches: Yoga 

Why Group Fitness? "I am very passionate about exercise and fitness because as college students we experience a lot of stress and no matter what the cause exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Working out always make me feel better and I love to help other realize their love for fitness."

Elissa Rooney

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Nutrition

Class Elissa Teaches: Ringside or Hook and HIIT

Why Group Fitness?  "I have always been passionate about health and fitness being a Nutrition, Dietetics major. I wandered into a studio where I took a kickboxing Circuit class and I fell in love. I knew that I wanted to share my excitement and passion for this type of training with others, and CSB Group Exercise provided me with the perfect outlet to do so!"

Anna Hughes

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Psychology

Class Anna Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? "I believe that working out should be rewarding and fun. Group fitness makes this easy. It is a place for everyone to support each other just by showing up to their mat and I am so happy to be a part of it!"