Meet the Instructors

Fall 2020

Sarah Carney

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Biology

Class Sarah Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness? “It’s a great way to take a break from the stress of school and meet new people!”


 Maggie Farley

Year: Junior

Major/Minor:Biology; Pre-Dental

Class Maggie Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness?  I enjoy working out in a group setting as we can motivate each other and have fun while doing it!”


Haley Hubbard

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Accounting

Class Haley Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? “I love the energy of group exercise classes! It’s a spot where anyone, no matter his or her skill level, can go to get an amazing workout in. The motivation form instructors and support from everyone in the class makes for a much easier and more enjoyable workout!”


Morgan Hughs

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ESL

Class Morgan Teaches: Zumba

Why Group Fitness? “Group Fitness allows CSB/SJU students to be able to try new things, stay active, stay accountable, takes breaks from school and work, and have fun while doing it. I love how inclusive the environment it! Anyone and everyone shoud it a try!”


Margaret Kobs

Year: Senior

Major/Minor:Biology/Hispanic Studies

Class Margaret Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? I want to help other Bennies realize their potential on and off the mat. I hope to bring a sense of peace and belonging to the classes I teach. I want to create a space where students feel they can explore their true selves through yoga and yogic philosophy. Every person has a light inside of them, and I hope I can help brighten that light or be a mirror to reflect it.

Mckenna Meyer

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: GBUS/Accounting

Class Alexis Teaches: Butts N Gutts

Why Group Fitness? “I chose teaching because I love inspiring girls to be their best selves and being a part of that is something special!”


Lauren Miller

Year: Senior


Class Lauren Teaches: Step

Why Group Fitness? Group Fitness helps me to push my limitations and provides me the opportunity to establish new friendships!”

Lauren Roberts

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Nutrition / Exercise Science

Class Lauren Teaches: Step

Why Group Fitness? “It is a fun environment to not only work in, but work out in. I like to motivate others while working out in a group setting!”


Zohra Ruoha

Year: Senior


Class Zohra Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? I wanted to share my love for yoga by teaching it to others. I really enjoy helping and instructing students here on campus.”


Alexis Schmid

Year: Senior

Major/Minor:Psychology/Philosophy and Gender Studies

Class Alexis Teaches: Pilates

Why Group Fitness? “Group X is a great way to push yourself physically and socially! By becoming an instructor, I’ve been able to meet new bennies and johnnies and developed leadership qualities.”


Emma Solheim

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Nursing

Class Emma Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? “I love group fitness because it is a fun way to workout and get active!”


Emily Olson

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Biology/Hispanic Studies

Class Emily Teaches: Yoga

Why Group Fitness? “I personally love working out in a group because you get to share a fun and healthy part of your day with those around you.”


Danielle Werning

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Global Business Leadership

Class Danielle Teaches: Yoga Sculpt

Why Group Fitness? “My mission is to help others discover the empowering effect that daily exercise can have on your mental, physical, and emotional health. I decided to become an instructor because I wanted to show others that fitness can be SO MUCH FUN! When I’m teaching, it doesn’t feel like a job at all because I’m having a blast!”