Class Descriptions

Yoga: Looking for time to unwind? Come to yoga to be guided through movements that will relax, strengthen, and replenish your body. Some of the health benefits of yoga include improved concentration, relieved muscle tension, and calmness of the mind. You will leave each yoga class feeling fulfilled both mentally and physically. We welcome ALL levels of yogis!

Yoga Sculpt: Yoga Sculpt is a full-body, strength-focused class that includes weight resistance, cardio bursts, and yoga flows. This class will help you tone your muscles, improve balance, and center your mind. No previous yoga experience is necessary!

Step: In Step, you will be led through a high-energy workout that utilizes the step! Your instructor will guide you through a series of combinations that will work major muscle groups and boost your heart rate. Expect a fun, cardio-blasting workout every time!

Pilates: Pilates is a toning class focused on core strength, balance, and flexibility. With an emphasis on alignment and breathing, Pilates will improve your coordination and balance. In each class, you will be lead through a variety of exercises performed on the mat as well as exercises that incorporate Pilates equipment and hand weights.

Butts N Guts: Come to Butts N Guts for a workout focusing primarily on your glutes and abdominals. This class includes a variety of toning exercises that utilize hand weights, resistance bands, and stability balls. In this forty-five minute class, expect to fire up your glutes and core!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT,  incorporates both cardio and toning exercises into a complete workout in short quick incraments. HIIT is an interval-focused class that alternates between cardio bursts and strength-building exercises. Come prepared to work hard and have fun!

Zumba: This fun aerobics class fuses Latin American rhythms with easy-to-follow dance steps. Get ready to Salsa, Meringue, and Cumbia for this hour-long fitness class! Join the party. No dance experience necessary!

Power Yoga: This new aerobics class is a vinyasa flow that gets your heart rate up!