Four Ministry Teams

CSB Campus Ministry offers a wide variety of programs. Our ministry teams include Alternative Break Experiences (ABE), Faith Communities (FAC), Liturgy, Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ).

Alternative Break Experiences (ABE)

ABE works hard to provide meaningful trips, both nationally and internationally. We firmly believe that exposure to other cultures, places, and ways of life will enhance the lives and perspectives of trip participants. Each year, we strive to provide quality experiences that will complement academic experiences and inspire hearts.

Five Pillars

Participants, Co-Leaders, and Advisors combine the 5 Pillars of ABE as a framework to guide their trip experience. Alternative Break Experiences are not typical mission trips, and our participants are not tourists. By embracing these pillars, our participants grow in values-based leadership and develop a more integrated global vision. Derived from our Catholic and Benedictine heritage, the concepts of Social Justice, Community, Reflection, Learning and Intentional Living merge, offering participants an experience to inspire their lives.

Social Justice - Why does an injustice happen?
Community - Respecting individuals while affirming the common good.
Reflection - Creating meaning and understanding through daily reflection.
Learning - Experientially learning the "invisible realities" of the world.
Intentional Living - living our lives in a way that carries out our experience beyond the ABE trip.

Faith Communities

The Faith Communities Ministry of CSB believes that people of all faiths and backgrounds are created in love, to give and receive love.  By joining peoples of all faiths in community, we seek to bring greater understanding and peace to our campuses and the world.  Through respectful dialogue, faith sharing, and prayer and fellowship, we explore the strengths of our common values and the richness of our differences so that we may better understand ourselves and others.


Our love for God is lived out in love for our neighbor. Our love for God is expressed through our community, worship, hospitality, outreach, and stewardship. Our relationships are nourished and sustained by grace and sacramental living. Liturgical ministers prepare campus liturgies and involve students, faculty, and staff in various ministries from music and dance to proclaiming the Word and distributing the Eucharist. Student liturgical ministers are an integral part of Campus Ministry.

Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ)

Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ) is a ministry grounded in Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teaching which integrates social justice and spirituality to promote an active and lifelong commitment to living prayerfully and justly.