Latinx Ministry

Spanish Mass

Spanish Mass is an opportunity for all students to celebrate the Catholic Mass in Spanish. It is held approximately once a month in the Sacred Heart Chapel. Please email FAC if you would like to volunteer for a Mass: [email protected]

(Retreatans at St. Thomas University after a fun, spiritual day at the annual Latinx Retreat)

Latinx Retreat

The Latinx Retreat just had its second year, focusing on the theme of God's mercy. The group was comprised of Latinx students from three colleges: CSB/SJU, University of St. Thomas, and St. Catherine University.

Retreatants say:

  • "Campus Ministry has done an amazing job at creating events and programs for the Latinx community that deepen our faith. It gives us a safe, familiar platform to further spiritually enrich our lives with other peers."
  • "Small groups allowed for deeper connections and opened real honest conversation."


In collaboration with ELAC (Exploring Latin American Cultures), FAC puts on a Quinceañera Mass at the annual Quinceañera.

  • Pictured above is the court for the 2017 Quinceañera at Sacred Heart Chapel.


Posadas are an important part of Mexican Christmas celebrations in which praying the rosary comes before the reenactment of the Nativity scene that is said/sung between participants. Posadas are typically after December 12th and go until December 24th.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe was on December 12th. CSB Campus Ministry collaborated with the Saint John's Abbey and drove students to the "mañanitas" at 5 a.m. to sing good morning to Our Lady! December of 2016, CSB Campus Ministry hosted the "mañanitas" at the Sacred Heart Chapel.