United Saints - New Orleans, LA


February  29th - March 8th, 2020

A group of students smiles outside of a gate in New Orleans, LA

Spend the week working in New Orleans, Louisiana with United Saints. United Saints is a grassroots, volunteer-based nonprofit organization working to help restore the homes and hearts of communities affected by natural disasters. 

The mission of the United Saints Recovery Project is to assist communities that have suffered damage from natural disasters, helping residents return home, improve their quality of life and strengthen their communities. They do this with the help of local, national, and international volunteers, assisting homeowners in rehabilitating and rebuilding their homes, and engaging those homeowners in our effort to promote volunteerism within the community.

United Saints also hosts a community art program in New Orleans, involving local artists and community members in an effort to beautify and directly improve their environment.

What to Expect:

  • Cost: Each ABE trip costs $425. This covers a variety of expenses, including food, lodging, travel, service fees, donations, and work supplies. Souvenirs and optional excursions are individual expenses.
  • Travel: The group travels from campus to New Orleans by van. The driving takes two days. 
  • Lodging: Housing is provided by the United Saints Recovery Project.
  • Food: All meals will be provided at the worksite and at lodging during the week. 
  • Work: The week is spent rebuilding a home in the New Orleans area.  Tasks may include painting, building, flooring, tiling, or landscaping. Other projects may include working with people with disabilities, working with local animal shelters, and working in community gardens. The nature of the work depends on the need at that time. 
  • Extra Fun: Evenings are free to explore the wonderful and vibrant city of New Orleans!
  • Focus: Disaster relief, home repair, poverty, vulnerable populations, solidarity, and community.


Interested in applying? Apply here to apply to co-lead, here to apply to participate, and here to apply to advise!

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position! 

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Alternative Break Experiences at [email protected]