Caritas de Esperanza, Ecuador

February 29th - March 8th, 2020

 ABE offers a spring break trip to work with Caritas de Esperanza. Last year's ABE trip spent the majority of the week assisting the community in tasks such as gardening, cleaning, painting, and playing with the children. They also were able to assist teachers in the preschool and elementary classrooms.

"The Ecuador trip allowed me to feel like I was bringing the world home." - 2017 Participant

What to Expect:

  • Cost:  Each ABE trip costs $425. This covers a variety of expenses, including food, lodging, travel, service fees, donations, and work supplies. International trips have the added cost of flights, which will be purchased in a group by CSB Campus Ministry. Estimated cost of the flights to Ecuador arecost $1000-$1200. All participants traveling internationally must have a valid passport. Your passport should be valid (not expire) for a minimum of six months after your return. You would have an additional expense if you need to purchase or renew your passport. International destinations may also charge for a tourist card or visa. You are responsible for the cost of any required tourist documents. Participants that are flying to their trip destination are responsible for their own transportation to and from the MSP airport, the cost of any bags they choose to check and any food they choose to purchase (meals are provided for the group once they arrive at their destination). Souvenirs and optional excursions are individual expenses.
  • Travel: The group will fly from Minneapolis to Quito, Ecuador and then take a bus to Otavalo. Each day they will bus to Esperanza for work.
  • Lodging: Participants will stay in La Posada del Quinde in Otavalo
  • Food: Breakfast is provided by the hotel each morning. Lunch and dinner will be provided following the SNAP Challenge.
  • Work: Work will be varied depending on the needs of the site. Work will be done with the community in Esperanza. In the past participants have assisted the profesoras with their students, built fences around gardens, painted the building, expierenced cultural traditions, and organized classrooms.
  • Extra Fun: There are many fun things to do during your stay including hiking a waterfall or a sunken valcano, visiting a bird park, visiting the food and craft markets, and getting a cuy cleansing! The hotel staff is very helpful in assisting you with directions. Participants should bring extra money for taxis to these locations and to pay for the cost of these fun activities!
  • Focus: Volunteering with the community of Esperanza in education, crafts, cultural diversity, building, agriculture, etc.


Interested in applying?  Apply here to apply to co-lead, here to apply to participate, and here to apply to advise! 

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position!

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Alternative Break Experiences at [email protected]