Breaking Free, St. Paul, MN

March 1st - 7th, 2020


The goal of this trip is to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Minnesota. The participants will be working with Breaking Free in St. Paul while staying at St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis.  Breaking Free is a social justice organization that helps women and girls escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation.  Survivor-led and victim-centered, Breaking Free works to educate participants about the systems of sex trafficking, share stories and testimonies of  "the life" and how to advocate for change.  

Breaking Free in the news:

Breaking Free's founder honored as a 2014 CNN Hero

Sex trafficking survivors' documentary debuts at TC film fest

What to Expect:

  • Cost: Each ABE trip costs $425. This covers a variety of expenses, including food, lodging, travel, service fees, donations, and work supplies. Souvenirs and optional excursions are individual expenses.
  • Travel: Participants travel from campus to Minneapolis and St. Paul in a CSB vehicle. The vehicle will also be used to get to and from work each day. The driving takes about an hour and a half.
  • Lodging: The group will stay at St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis. The church offers its youth house to the group, which includes plenty of floor space for sleeping, a kitchen to make meals, and showers. The parish community is incredibly hospitable and also has a significant number of CSB/SJU alumni who welcome the group graciously throughout the week.
  • Food: Meals are purchased and prepared by the group following the SNAP Challenge.
  • Work:  The group will work with Breaking Free. This organization serves women and girls who have been victims of abuse, exploitation, and sex trafficking.  Trip participants will be educated on these issues and take part in an outreach program to distribute information and hygiene materials in the community. Other work may include assembling hygiene kits, organizing the food shelf, and participating in legal advocacy related to sex trafficking.

 Note: participants will hear personal stories of abuse, exploitation, and sex trafficking on this trip. Past participants have found this trip to be emotionally challenging. Be prepared for this experience.

  • Dress: Participants are encouraged to dress conservatively and comfortably.
  • Focus: Social Justice, Human Trafficking

Interested in applying?  Apply here to apply to co-lead, here to apply to participate, and here to apply to advise! 

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position!

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Alternative Break Experiences at [email protected]