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ABE Scholarships

Each year, ABE fundraises in the hopes to offer scholarships to those who apply for our trips. We divide our scholarship money between those who request financial assistance, so please, only ask for what you need, as anything beyond that might take funds away from someone else who might have a greater need.

If you receive an ABE scholarship, you are in turn expected to write a 3 page minimum reflection paper due 1 week following your return to campus as a token of appreciation for your financial gift. If this is not received, ABE reserves the right to withhold the scholarship and charge you in full for your ABE trip. By filling out this form, you are agreeing to this stipulation.

Possible reflection topics include:

In what ways did your experience on your trip connect with the 5 pillars of ABE?

In what ways did your experience connect with your future plans?

How does your understanding of God's revelations in scripture, tradition, and/pr Catholic Social Teaching inform how you practice community, reflection, hospitality, learning, or intentional living?

How does the connection between service and charity affect your sense of service? How was it affirmed or changed by participating on this trip?

What is God asking you to surrender before you are able to enter fully into living the Gospel? What price will you pay to do so?

What part of your trip triggered the strongest reaction in you? How did these feelings/thoughts help or hinder your participation?

What do you need to facilitate the difficult conversations around, "Why injustice exists?"

What moves you beyond compassion into action? What inhibits you from moving into action?

You can choose to answer one of these questions or a combination of many questions in your reflection paper. If you have additional ideas that you would like to write the paper on please email the ABE Coordinator, Assistant Director of CSB Campus Ministry, Carley Castellanos, at