Miscellaneous Other Publications about CSB

In League with the Future: The First Fifty Years A history of the College of Saint Benedict from a homecoming address, Spring 1964, by Sister Mariella Gable, O.S.B.
Excerpt from With Lamps Burning The history of the College of St. Benedict from 1910-1957, as found in With Lamps Burning by Grace McDonald, O.S.B.
One Co-Operative Venture: The CSB and SJU Academic Exchange Program This article by the CSB Academic Dean, Firmin Escher, OSB, documents the early stages of the cooperation between CSB and SJU.  From the North Central News Bulletin, November 1967. 
Also: For a look at the two campuses as they were beginning to implement greater cooperation, see their separate Institutional Profiles, published in 1968 for St. John’s and in 1969 for St. Ben’s.
A Visual History of Saint Benedict’s and Saint John’s  [PowerPoint]
A pictorial history of the two communities, emphasizing the first one hundred years.  Compiled by Br. Alan Reed, OSB, using the resources of the Archives of St. Benedict’s Monastery and those of St. John’s Abbey and University.