Finding Aid (Dietz)

Margret Dietz Collection Sections (Accession Numbers)


MD1 Magazine articles

Articles from the 1950s and 1960s. Some mention Margret Dietz, but there are also articles on other dancers and dance teachers, dance notation, and history of the dance. Includes complete February 1955 issue of Dance Magazine, which has an article “Margret Dietz: German Teacher in America.”

MD2 Programs

Programs from 1953 through 1970. Also scrapbooks related to the Nancy Hauser Dance Company, Choreogram, and Spira, 1966-1978. The scrapbooks, compiled by Gabriel (Terry) Stoner, contain programs, news clippings, correspondence, and photographs.

MD3 Newspaper articles

Newspaper clippings from 1953 to 1970. News, reviews, profiles, and a press release. Some include photographs of Dietz or her students. One of the articles is written by Margret Dietz.

MD4 Photographs

Slides from the 1950s through the 1970s are by far the bulk of the photographic material. Collection includes more than 950 slides from Gabriel Stoner and the Margret Dietz estate, of which approximately a quarter pertain directly to Choreogram and Dietz’s career. Black and white publicity photos from several productions, of Margret in costume. Black and white negatives of Choreogram, circa 1970. Also photocopied photographs, some personal.

MD5 Correspondence

1952-1956. Margret comes to America and gets a teaching job. Margaret Erlanger is the main correspondent. There is also one letter from Laura Huelster to Margret Dietz, one letter from Laura Huelster to Mary Wigman, and one letter from a travel service to Margret Dietz. With researcher’s notes.

MD6 Miscellaneous publications, writings and an award

1953-1969. Advertisements, correspondence. Materials related to Margret Dietz’s teaching at the University of Illinois and at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Award certificate, brief autobiography, remembrance by a student.

MD7 Materials from Dietz centenary event and collection acquisition

Statement of Gift, documentation of photocopies from the University of Illinois Archives, expanding wallet (envelope) in which documents came. Display copies of an essay and a newspaper article from the CSB Archives collection. Display signs, partial list of participants at “Centenary Celebration and Tribute to Margret Dietz,” held at the College of St. Benedict, June 14-15, 2013.

MD8 Costumes

Five dance costumes designed by Margret Dietz, 1970-1971. Three women’s, two men’s. One of them was worn in performance by Margret Dietz