The Joe O’Connell Collection

Joe O'Connell Included in the holdings of the College Archives is The Joe O’Connell Collection. This is a collection of the papers of Joe O’Connell (Joseph John O’Connell III): sculptor, print maker, photographer, artist-in-residence and teacher at CSB and SJU 1962-1995. In addition to the personal files and correspondence, the collection also includes art, photographs, artifacts, tools, and memorabilia of the artist.  A listing of most of the materials in the Joe O’Connell Collection is available online by doing a search for “joe” on the CSB Archives’ Inventory List.

Website features:

About Joe O’Connell, including the text of the book Divine Favor: The Art of Joseph O’Connell (1999), including essays by J. F. Powers, Garrison Keillor, and many other tributes.

Joe’s Work   View photo galleries of Joe’s work, by medium: 

Stone  —  Wood  —  Print  —  Metal

Joe’s work displayed on the CSB campus

30-year retrospective list of Joe’s works, 1981

 Access to the Collection


*Note: The gallery (above) and the inventory list (below) do not contain the entire Joe O’Connell Collection, for more information on Joe or the collection please visit the CSB Archives or contact the Archivist*

Much of the Joe O’Connell collection is included in the CSB Archives Inventory List.  They have the following material type designations on the list:

B = Books
D = Documents
IN = Image/Negatives
IP = Image/Photographs
IS = Image/Slides
M = Molds
P = Plates
S = Sketches
T = Tools